Friday, September 17, 2010

Rumah terbuka

It's been a while now since my last visit to Raya's open house. One of my colleague, Hasniza invited us to her open house the other day, we were all looking forward to the event! LOL :D
It was drizzling that day but that dint stopped us, her house is just few minutes from our office.

Now let the pictures do the talking...
self service ;)
I saw something really interesting on the dining table!
all sorts of kuih raya. I'm a big fan of kuih raya, as well as CNY cookies

laksa Cina as introduced by Hasniza. I like the taste, it's not too spicy, and not too sweet! just nice! slurppp~

side dishes to eat with the laksa Cina

nasi himpit, oh how I love you!

close up to the super yummy ayam rendang! looking at this photo, I started to miss them already.....

must not forget to take a group photo. taken by Khoo, abit blurry though

Must thanks Has for the pleasant treats! I'm watching my diet, if not, I'd eat even more, muahaha :D I never knew I have a colleague who could cook so well, Has is making me looking forward to next year's open house! *grin grin*


  1. Wah.....the rendang really looked delicious. I love this kind of open house. Makan makan and go in a group. Fun!

  2. Yes, yes, can't wait for the next raya... 50 more weeks to go! No wonder my weight keep on increasing.

  3. What ever you mentioned here has covered all in my mind.

  4. mNhL, yes correct! It's so much fun!

    Yvonne, haha, 50 more weeks ya? =_=

    Yan, haha high 5!

  5. Hi Hayley, wow! Looks simply delicious. Lucky you.
    Love the pics.
    I am hoping got chance eat ketupat and rendang next week.
    Guess who's coming for dinner here in Toronto?
    Drop by and see.....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  6. Lee, thanks!
    Erm, one of your girl friend? hehe :P
    Enjoy your dinner and have a great weekend!

  7. holy smokes!! that is a lot of food hor?? makes me want to try some of these new food too!!

  8. Oh my, the rendang looks delicious! I'm drolling now!=_=

  9. Jen and Alice, ya, the food is nice! I'm missing them too =(


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