Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sizzling hot steamboat

Steamboat is one of my favourite, it's best eaten with a group of people as you can have more varieties!

random photo taken in the car, it was dawn

I was assigned to buy the ingredients. So I got up early on Saturday morning and visited the morning market, oh boy it's been a while! the morning market always crowded with people and cars

special close up to my favourite food! Enoki mushrooms!! (must have for steamboat ^^)

another close up to special home made chili sauce from Theng

clear soup, yummy~

thumbs up!

tomyam soup, yummy~

yee mee is a must, even best with eggs!

yumm yumm. it was a hot evening..

are you guys bored seeing these familiar faces? haha

all of us with the cute QQ and Koo boy (I mean the dogs.. ^^)

how about you? do you like steamboat?


  1. One thing i found missing here,,guess what,, your Guiness stout and beers,mmmmm

    Hey i did not know that steamboat can go well with yee mee,,, must try next time but sadly i don't really enjoy steamboat except the company and the drinks,

    nice to see happy people, keep that friendship ya

  2. Wah...darling, I want some can? Am drooling to the max now...your steamboat looks really delicious lar..yum yum! xD

    Btw, thanks for the compliment. *Huggies* I really look like your friend, huh? Cool, I've a twin! xP

  3. yummy. I had steamboat with my family too last MOnday :)

  4. Eugene, haha you remember ya? I din't snap photos of beer/Guinness, cause every week also got one, bored of taking those photos already, akaka :D
    You should try the yee mee, nice!

    Erika, hehe, you can plan to have a steamboat party too! ^^

    Yvon, what a coincidence huh? Guess you must have enjoyed youself!

  5. Ooh.. we love steamboat too but eating it on a hot day means... lots of sweating haha. It's so fun to be part of this gang :)

  6. ChloeRuoyi, ya, it's fun part, sweating and eating at the same time, hehe.. ;)

  7. My tummy is making a lot of noise now. I hope i won't go downstair to search for food later.

  8. I like crowded steamboat, I mean both the ingredients and ppl. It's been a while since I last had my crowded steamboat. Love all those foodies you got on the table :)

  9. yummy steamboat~~ I like it so much!!! ;)

  10. ohhh!! miss the steamboat time with family .. sob sob... well, miss the moment but not steamboat. haha, didn't really like steamboat.

  11. You know what? I love steamboat too! And enoki mushrooms! And Yee Mee!
    But KL has too many steamboat restuarants I'm a bit sick of it already...:(

  12. Mmm..steamboat is my favourite too. the best dish is always the chilli sauce :D last 2 months, we ate at a few steamboat places and now I felt kinda sick of it. so no more until maybe later this year.

  13. LOL... I love steamboat to bits, how I wish I can have it every single day with my beloved family!^-^

    Regarding the 2nd last picture caption, "Are you bored seeing these familiar faces?"... not a t all, specially the 2 handsomely fluffy little hungable guys!^-^

  14. Yan, haha, I hope you dint too :P

    Yvonne, well, may be you can try make a steamboat party at home!

    Evelyn, thanks ;)

    goldflower86, I think once a while should be fine!

    Shirlexia, I think we have favourite food in common!

    Barbara, I agree! chili sauce is a must!

    Alice, thank you! ^^


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