Friday, September 24, 2010

So much to eat, so little time!

During the previous dinner at Jia Yi Dao vegetarian restaurant, we were told by the boss that there'll be a vegetarian buffet lunch and dinner on the 22/9 in conjuction with their 1st anniversary.

I told colleagues about this and we decided to give it a try! We were there during lunch time and the restaurant was packed! there were ALOT of food to eat!! :0

they offered main dishes like all sorts of greens, fried rice, fried noodles etc

also assam laksa

all types of fried snacks

soups and few types of tong sui

my all time favourite ice cream! there were rainbow, mint, chocolate and vanilla flavor

ice kacang corner

dessert corner which have mooncakes, cakes and kuih

salad corner

a few types of dim sum

not forgetting drinks like water, chinese tea and ginger tea. Also, coffee, soya bean and orange juice (not in the picture)

So much food to eat! But we got so limited time :( gotto rush back to office on time... nonetheless we were pretty satisfied as the lunch was worthy! only RM 10 per coupon for so much yummy food! I heard that they'll be organizing similar buffet during CNY next year!

In case you're wondering where, Jia Yi Dao is situated at Jalan Lim Swee Aun, Taiping, just behind Soon Lee restaurant.

p/s: photo credits to Yvonne


  1. Wah! For only RM10 per head, you get to eat all those food.. Lao hao sui tim... :P

  2. Inspired Momx1, yes, so worth right? hehe ;)

  3. oh my goodness. so much food. even the desserts alone are good enough :)

  4. I heard there are more than 60 dishes is it true?

  5. I should have taken half day off to taste all those food. Regreting now.....

    45 minutes is definitely not enough!

  6. Barbara, yea you're right! Actually I'm more interested in the desserts than main course :P

    Angeline, well, if total up everything, I belive yes!

    Yvonne, yalo.. never expect there were so much to eat!! Hmm, must remember next time :P

  7. Next time we have to have better planning before we go, so that we can cover more food. Wakakaka! I totally forget about my diet plan that day.

  8. Wah....all those good food for only RM10 per person?!!! I want it also, darling! *Stomach growling and excessive drooling now* xP

    Btw, beautiful photos of the lavish spread of food~ ^^

  9. i am back...thanks for ur wishes on Dylan...he is recovering.

    sorry for my dissapearance from ur site...

    wah...shud have buffet dinner after work rush, how to enjoy eating?

  10. Yan, true, I think should stick to your planning you mentioned that day, haha ;)

    Erika, plan a trip to Taiping! haha, can go and try yourself..

    Via, no worries, glad that Dylan is recovering!
    We dint expect so much food, should have go for dinner instead.. sigh.

  11. ok la, once in a while go vegetarian.but not everyday.
    for buffet if you are a good eater it is worth while, but like eater like me seems like rugi .

  12. Johnnie L, so I see you're not a vegetarian lover? hehe.. But like you said, it's ok once a while...

  13. wahlau ... so cheap oooo. and if me, i think i will sit there hours to eat. hahahaha. ask half day off from boss. lol

  14. Goldflower86, haha, good idea! *wink*

  15. OMG! Suicide price worth of such delicacy, I wish there is such offer in K.L!T-T

    Poor you all, it would be better if you have sufficent time for these enormous spread of food!^-^

  16. Alice, yaya :(However, we still left the restaurant feeling very full~

  17. Oh my...that are lots of food! So many varieties.

  18. mNhL, yaya, we dint try all leh~ =_=


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