Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A typical Saturday night

Saturdays are getting more and more dull these days (boo!) The guys enjoy their beer and chui shui (吹水) session, while the girls just sit there listening...

Anyway, the same thing happened last weekend. Hubby and I had dinner at Yang Sheng Ge restaurant before heading to Nickson's house. I thought hubby doesn't like Yang Shang Ge but actually he was ok with it...

I ordered dried vegetables soup

and sweet water chestnut soup

simple but simply the best, fried fu yong egg (芙蓉蛋)

After dinner, we headed to Nickson's house...
his pets, Johnson and Hanson, which will shake hand with you.. cute!

ordered snacks from nearby kopitiam, deep fried sotong, delicious!

fried chicken wings

as usual, we gotto submit our homework, a group photo of everybody :P

Thanks Nickson for the place and we're all excited for your new born baby next month! :D


  1. Hmm, delicious dried vege soup is my favourite. And that deep fried sotong, salivating now.

  2. I like soups.. Must go wet market tomorrow to stock up some soup bones oredi.. :P

  3. the deep fried sotong and chicken wings look so familiar... from my sis' kopitiam?? lolz~
    yeah yeah... I'm exciting for the new born baby too... ;)

  4. Yvonne, yes, the sotong is really yummy~

    Inspired Momx1, when you're done cooking, please feed me with your photos ok! :P

    Evelyn, haha clever! they're from your sister's shop! ^^

  5. why lah ur friend name his pet after my english name - johnson ... aiseh....

  6. Brewed soup and sweet desserts are my all time favourite!!! I still didn't get to find any Yand Sheng Ge in K.L... hrm~!!

    Btw, I noticed you guys always wearing the same uniform(the black 'T') during gathering. Very interesting...

    Happy M'sia day!
    p/s: Smart and adorable puppies!

  7. Hi Hayley, ha ha, couldn't help smiling read your 'boring saturdays'.....
    No karaoke or going disco?
    Its funny, but I never used to spend time 'with the boys' drinking beer, ha ha.
    I'd rather have dinner than go dancing at a nite club.
    But on an off will play poker with friends.

    Enjoyed looking at your pics here. Very nice group of friends you have.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  8. Great to hang out with friends and enjoy good food :) We used to do that a lot before Ashley came along :)

  9. nice gathering^^Johnson and Hanson is very cute

  10. Via, haha, I also wonder why.. May be because his name is Nickson, so naming his dogs Hanson and Johnson, they rhymes.. haha :P

    Alice, yes, the shirt is our offical trademark :P
    Thank you! It's Msia Day and I'm working! (But actually already replaced to Monday la :P)

    Lee, haha, too bad, the gang and I are too old for disco, our clubbing age has passed.. we prefer hang out like this where we could chat and laugh.. ;)

    Barbara, may be you can resume the outings when Ashley grows up.. hehe..

    Hwi Yee, ya, both of them are cute and hyper active!


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