Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A wedding which brought a lovely gathering: Day 1

Exactly the same title as my FB's photo album ;)

I was away to KL over the weekend for the long awaited Suan's wedding reception. We've been planning it since last month and I was appointed as the driver =_= we hit the highway late afternoon and reached Puchong in the evening.

1st of all, I have to say, I'm very in love with Yean's house!! it's a nice double storey and the interior is simple yet so modern! she bought it with her partner at the price of RM300k which I think is quite worth considering it's KL!
some snap shots of the cosy house

we couldnt help but to camwhore alot, muahaha :P

after some chit chatting and rest, we got changed and headed to Puchong Boulevard to have dinner (we were all starving!)
Yean brought us to Kissaten, a Japanese restaurant

dinner we had! the food is great so as the service! but the portion is big which I felt abit guilty having it alone :( next time, must share!

Esther and Cat met us there

we took alot of photos but I'd just show you some here :)

after the filling dinner, we walked to Overtime pub, for our 2nd round of gathering ^^
Esther recommended us Starker fresh beer, which is about RM 345 per barrel. one barrel could fill up to about 20+ glasses (according to the waitress)
cheers! the beer tasted abit weird in the beginning, (abit like nutmeg juice :P) but turned out to be good eventually. it has less gas (compared to Tiger/Calsberg) and I started to like it!

as usual, we took loads of photos here!

it rained suddenly towards the midnight so we switched to indoor seating. here, most of us started to turn red, muahaha :D

I had about 2.5 glasses and called it a stop, as I still needed to drive. thank God there was no road block that night and the place is not far from Yean's house. overall, the pub is a good hangout place with R&B music playing all night. we had a good time chit chatting and laughing!

It was already midnight when we reached home, while most of the girls went to bed, I transfered the photos into Yean's lappie and called it a night. stay tuned for Day II ya! ^^


  1. ahhh..all-girls gathering. it must be loads of fun. so do you like ioi boulevard?

  2. Barbara, yes I like! But my friend said Sunway Giza is more happening, will pay a visit there and compare, LOL :D

  3. I was admiring your friend's house through FB. At first I thought you were staying at those rented (you know those for travellers) apartment. Her house is gorgeous!

    And I can't help envying your gathering with girlfriends! Food and beer, WOW!! Now I start to pity myself, *sob sob*

  4. Yvonne, yes, everyone of us enjoyed the stay! Her house is neat and simply comfortable!

  5. wow~ ur fren's hse really nice...envy envy envy...
    looking forward for the part II

  6. Very nice girls gathering and you looked enjoyable. Your friend's house is really cosy.

  7. woah! looks like u had a lot of fun wor :) lots of girls mmust be a lot of chats lah.

    gonna add you on fb now :) hopefully i can find ya :)

    have a lovely tuesday love.
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. Evelyn, ya, we all like her house, she's really capable, can buy the house with her partner..

    Yan, she's a good host too! haha..

    Jen, well, we are always the craziest when it comes to gathering, lots of laughing! haha..
    oh ya, look for York Mei in FB ya~

  9. Wow...I love the house! It's like my dream house! I want my house to be like that~ xD

  10. Erika, well perhaps its time to make your dream come true! ^^

  11. Hey, I didn't know you were in K.L?!! I was staying near Puchong, it's rather close to Bukit jalil.

    Congratulation to your friend, lovely interior design! Great spread of Jap foos and awesome gathering!^-^

  12. Alice, oh.. but Puchong is very big also la! And quite happening too!

    Thanks! The gathering was so much fun!

  13. Wah... girls' night out. So fun! Your friend's house is really nice and cosy :)

  14. ChloeRuoyi, yes true! The house is pretty worth at the price of RM300k...


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