Saturday, September 25, 2010

A wedding which brought a lovely gathering: Day 2 (End)

Though I was tired of driving and the late gathering, I could not sleep well the whole night =_= blame myself, I always have problem sleeping at a new place.
I got up from bed as early as 8am the next day, and saw these on the table....

simple yet hearty breakfast prepared by Yean and bf, thank you love!

after some chit chatting, we all got ready to dress up and make up ;) before we leave the house, we took some photos at almost every corner of Yean's house, haha :D

this is her upstair living hall, very modern I'd say..

this is the dining hall downstair, the wallpapers are nice!
from l-r: yours trully, Yean, Mei, Angeline, Jocelyn, Sam, Khim and Tingki

present to you, models of the day wakakaka :P

Cindy, Esther and Eve arrived. So we took this group photo before heading to the restaurant

we were 30 mins late to the luncheon =_= Luckily the luncheon wasnt started as they were waiting for the bride.. so to fully utilise the long waiting time, we did our favourite thing - taking photos!! ^^
1st, a group photo! with Crystal and SY on the top left.

it's V Garden restaurant (辉煌酒楼) at Klang, the environment is nice and the place is quite big too

Crystal, me and Tingki

with Crystal, wish her all the best in Singapore!

our tai ka jie, Esther

more photos now ^^

we were the 5 who travelled from Taiping ;)

love this side shot taken by Khim

with Eve who needed to rush back to Singapore while the luncheon was still in progress

luncheon finally started, everybody were starving!

something different this time is the desserts, they served Drumstick ice cream and siew pau and jelly

random photos of us again

luckily we got the chance to snap photo with the newly wed! congrats!!

photo with the lovely bride and bridegroom before we bid farewell and hit the highway

though it was a tiring and rushing trip, we enjoyed ourselves very much! looking forward to the next gathering which I'm unsure when.....


  1. Tiring but u have ur best memories between u and ur gal frens. Nice to have such gathering.. Happy weekend

  2. Angeline, yes true! It was fun! ;)
    Happy weekend to you as well!

  3. waaa.all the lengloi gathering. hehehehe.... its fun to hv gathering like that.. do wonder to lift stress.

  4. Big group of girl friends you have & I must say you all are pretty ladies!

  5. Hi Hayley, love the pics here, and you sure have gorgeous looking friends.
    And I love your lovely hairstyle.
    Not many today have this style, and ahemmm, you sure look like a living doll too.
    Great pics.....
    Have fun and stay beautiful, Lee.

  6. Goldflower86, yaya, we tends to forget about work tension through gathering like this ;)

    Dora, hehe thanks ;)

    Lee, thanks for the compliment! It surely made my day ^^

  7. many leng luis at the luncheon :) i like your dress.

  8. Barbara, thank you! I like that dress too, bought it online ^^

  9. I love the interior desing of your fren's house...

    You look so lovely in that dress :)

  10. Carrie, thanks! Black dress is my favourite! ^^

  11. Your looked sexy in this little black dress.

  12. LOL! High 5! I hardly fall asleep whenever I had my 1st day sleep over at new places!!!

    I love her house's ID, it's beautiful!Ohhhh! You looked like a sweet dolly during the wedding dinner, how charming!

  13. Alice, its a bad habit actually.. we'll feel very tired the next day =_=

    hehe, thanks dear~

  14. You got very nice dress!

    Wah..they served the whole drumstick cone. So generous.

  15. mNhL, yes, something different from those wedding receptions I attended! Got 2 types of desserts somemore!


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