Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beating hot days...

Weather is terribly hot these days right? Though I hardly feel the heat during day times as I'm in air conditioning room most of the times, but what about people who doesnt have air conditioning system at home?
Well, through Cleo magazine, I got some useful ways to cool your home, they're very environmental friendly too!

1. Open all windows in the morning or evening to let the breeze in.

2. If closing windows during the day makes you feel suffocated, leave them open but block the sunlight by installing blinds or shades.

3. If you're not using air conds, you're likely to switch on ceiling fan, but this will only blow hot air throughout the house, so use a box fan instead, and place a box of ice in front so that it'll create cool breeze.

4. White or light colour paint works great on reflecting sunlight. So, go for more white!
These are indeed pretty simple tricks we all can practise, they save money too! But I do hope that it rains soon =_=""
It's getting late now, off to bed soon, good night!


  1. Sigh, I can't really sleep well and be well in this hot weather. A sign of global warming.

  2. If I were a cube of ice... you'll find me in liquid form now, for I've melted into water.

  3. Yan, me too! Cant seems to sleep soundly :(

    Yvonne, ya I can imagine, you'd have melted and evaporated few weeks ago :P

  4. Global warming is getting serious my friend~! Sigh~! I'm totally burnt too as I have to fetch Juan Juan from school daily, pity the little ones... :(

    Oh yes, keep the house ventilated and avoid using air-con! have a great day!

  5. Alice Law, oh, put on thick thick foundation, carry umbrella/sunglasses wherever you go!
    Lets pray that it rains soon!

  6. It did rain here yesterday, my front yard was scattered with dried bamboo leaves since the rain came a long with a strong wind!^-^

    I don't apply foundation but I had some SP40 lotion just wonder will it be approriate to apply on my face/ perhaps on my kids!:p

  7. Alice, sorry, I wanted to say 'thick thick sunblock' actually.. hehe ;)

  8. Yes....very hot!!!!

    At night must really on the air-con. The bed all feel so hot.

  9. mNhL, yes right! Really wonder when will it rains? =(

  10. Yes, I agree, it's just so hot and warm nowadays and am always looking forward to rainy days (but not when it's time to drive back home from work becos it will be terrible jam then!):P

  11. Alice Phua, ya agree also! The best time to rain is at night when we're deep in sleep, hehe ;)


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