Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chicken soup for the soul

If you know me well, you'd know I'm a soup lover.
Basically I love all types of soup, especially chinese herbal soup ;)

Had this chicken soup (养心宁神鸡汤) yesterday during lunch time, which according to the cook, can helps to sleep better, as well as calming our mind. Hmm, should have taken this for dinner instead...

The soup has lots of wolfberries, lotus seeds and chinese licorice, and also slices of chicken.
Wolfberries are famous in improving eyesight, and reduce tiredness; lotus seeds are good in promoting health and is a good anti aging source; chinese licorice helps in detoxification and reduce cholesterol.

I think the recipe is pretty simple, should drink more this kinda of soups...

By the way, today's 20.10.2010, such a special day! I wish all my readers a wonderful day! ;)


  1. Count me in, me too.. a soupy lover. Anything soup.. noodles... I want soup... hardly have dried ones.. but hubby is the total contrast of me.. still wondering how we "clicked:. :P

  2. yea, herbal soup is very good for health~ I love it too =D

  3. So, did you sleep well last night? Did you have sweet dream after taking this soup?

  4. Your soup looks tempted. Next round I shall order herbal soup from this restaurant!

  5. I love soup too.....and love to eat the wolfberries. Even YX loves to eat that too! hehe....

    Ohh.....if you did not mentioned about today's date, I din't even notice it! 20.10.2010.

  6. Inspired Momx1, oh high5! Haha, well perhaps you and your hubby have something else in common ^^

    EVelyn, yep! Herbal soup very 'por', very nutritious for ladies ^^

    Yan, well, I dint slept too well, woke up very early this morning =_=

    Yvonne, ya, still several types of soup we havent try!

    mNhL, sometimes I even have wolfberries drinks, just prepare a glass of hot water, put in some wolfberries and drink like plain water ;)

  7. Herbal soup is always my favourite choice of soup!;)

    Oh... I didn't even realize it's a special day until you mention 20/10/2010, I see!

    A wonderful day to you too!^-^/

  8. Somehow,i don't really like herbal soups, they tend to be very oily, i would prefer those simple vegi soups, easy to boil and all..

    hey take care now ya

  9. Alice Law, haha, looks like many of us like herbal soup!

    Eugene, well, quite true la, but its ok to have it once a while ;)
    you take care too!

  10. Me too! I love to drink hot and piping Chinese herbal soup too! Oh, ya hor, I didn't realize it's a special date day until you mention it. :-)

  11. Alice Phua, LOL, how come not many people realise ya? ;)
    Hmm, if everyday also can drink chinese herbal soup, sure we have good complexion, as well as good health!

  12. Hi HayLey,

    I think I do not know u well so I do not know that you are a soup lover. Hahaha!

    I like Kacang Ma and Ginseng soup. Sometimes I bought them from nearby eateries. I also believe that these two are good for health.

    Anyway, hope you will enjoy your soup.

  13. Hi Willie, I really did enjoy my soup!
    Kacang Ma and Ginseng? Hmm, I think I never try that before.. perhaps should check it out someday ;)
    You have a nice day!

  14. Hi Hayley, I am not a soup person, unless its hum choy pai kuat tong, ha ha.
    That soup looks delicious!

    My wife always makes tong suey too, but will grumble I only take abit.
    But iced coffee? Anytime!
    Have a nice day. Lee.

  15. Lee, I'm sure your wife cooks well, even with tong suey! Next time got chance, send some over to me please :P
    I know you like coffee, but I'm totally different with you :S I dont like coffee, though it smells nice...

    Thanks for dropping by and you too, have a wonderful day! ^^


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