Monday, October 25, 2010

China or local one?

A funny yet rather annoying incident:

Had dinner with hubb at Yang Sheng Ge last Saturday. Once we entered the shop, he greeted a chinese man seated next to us, I think he's in his mid 40s, with a few more friends.

I then asked hubb who is he, and he told me he's a friend who is also doing air cond business. we then continued our dining as usual.
Done with dinner, paid the bill, and we walked off the shop. Suddenly that uncle shouted at hubb and waved at him, I thought they have something to discuss so I waited outside.

here comes the funny thing, I asked hubb what happened and he said:

Hubb: The uncle whispered to me, China or local one? =_=""
I told him she's my wife la! walau eh~

And I was told that the uncle went 'Oh your wife ar? Sorry sorry!! I thought you havent married la! paiseh paiseh' =_=

No doubt he apologised, I still feel abit offended. Well, even IF I look like those 'China bicycle' (if you know what I mean), he should not ask so rudely like this. If he really wanna know, I'd appreciate if he changed his question to 'Is that your wife/gf? China or local one?'

Later on, we told our friends about this during our usual yum cha session, everybody had a good laugh and I dint really feel anything. But thinking about it again, I started to feel annoyed.

And if I can, I wanna tell this uncle: China or not, it's none of your business. Even if you own a China bicycle, doesnt means everyone else does. Come on! So please watch your mouth!!

lady with her bicycle, at China (photo taken from Google)


  1. Kiahahahaha! Ho chio! Shouldn't annoy la! Think from positive angle, he could be meant that you are fair, having smooth complexion, and sex spots like China lady.

  2. Hahahahahah! Judging from your title, I thought the other way round - that uncle with his china gf.

    Normally we tend to see older uncle with china bicycle. But seldom with younger generation.

    Yalar, think positive like Yan. You must be having all those characteristics like the china lady, er, plus bitchy look?? *shake head*

  3. look at the bright side,at least you have the fair and smooth silk skin,like the rest of the China dolls and you are pretty,,,,,,,,

    but asking your husband if you are local your husbnd is one of them like that,,,no good no good lol

  4. Yan, ok, I try think positive after reading you guys comment. Just dont bother him right? Since he's nobody to me..

    Yvonne, you're right! And another thing is, most China bicycle are older one leh, not my age group la! This uncle... haiz..

    Eugene, haha thanks for the compliment!
    Oh guess what, I said the same thing to my hubby, why would the uncle asked him that question? My hubby looks like those hamsap uncle meh? *kek sam*

  5. Frankly, I always think you are fair and gorgeous, like a china or Japanese doll! ^-^

    Cheer up ok?! have a wonderful day!

  6. Well Alice, at least China Doll sounds alot better ;)
    Haha, thanks! You enjoy your day as well! ^^

  7. first i thought that uncle has a china girlfriend. i find it very rude of the man to ask such questions. these china dolls really give themselves a bad name *sigh*

  8. hahahaha.....can't help laughing... but really annoying. That uncle should just slap his own face. So rude!

  9. Barbara, true, actually quite alot China ladies here at my hometown.. I guess thats what triggered the uncle's thinking =_=

    mNhL, I told my hubby, he should have knock the uncle's head and wake him up, LOL :D

  10. What a rude hamsap uncle. I think you are fair and pretty like a Japanese or Korean. Not china dolls lah.

  11. Mummy Gwen, thanks ;)
    Yalo, such a hamsap uncle, he really should behave and watch his words, to everyone!

  12. i like raleigh bicycle. strong and sturdy, not like the china-made ones!

  13. Yes, I agree, he's one hamsab uncle who seems to have no respect for women. But looking from the brighter side, it simply means you are one pretty girl! :-D

  14. Alice Phua, I listened to you guys, thinking at the bright side ;)
    Take care there!

  15. hehehe. but i find it offending leh that he think your handsome hubby need a china bicycle but yes he is complimenting u saying u look gorjeuss. hehehe

  16. Hmm... dunno what to say about that insensitive uncle. Just pretend you didn't hear anything lah. To me, you are uniquely sweet and pretty!

  17. goldflower86, yes, I felt the same way too.. He thinks most men/guys own a china bicycle, like him =_="

    ChloeRuoyi, awwww thanks ;)
    Ya, I'm ok now, just wanna to rant :P And tell the world how bad this uncle is!


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