Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cryst's wedding reception

a group photos of all leng luis and the newly wed

*end of edit*

I received e-invitation from Cryst through Facebook few weeks ago and later on, received her wedding invitation card. To be honest, I was abit surprise to receive her invitation! Thats because we did not really meet before and only contact through FB and blogger. LOL ;D

But I really appreciate the invitation so I've decided to attend though I needed to drive solo all the way to KL ;)

Facebook now a channel for all sorts of event invitations, really save money lo~

lovely wedding invitation card

It was my 1st time attending wedding reception at Boulevard Hotel *jakun* In order not to late, I purposely left Puchong earlier. Unfortunately, I was still late to the wedding due to traffic jam in the car park, I cant believe it took me about 30-40 mins to find a parking at Mid Valley! =_= Anyway, I managed to find one and quickly walked to Wild Rice restaurant, Boulevard.

wedding favors provided by the newly wed, how nice! there're lollipop and heart shaped chocolates inside..

such romantic nice backdrop

the newly wed, Cryst and Ivan

quickly grabbed the chance to snap photo with them while they have the time.. the bride looked absolutely gorgeous! So as the groom!

it was a buffet dinner.. I think buffet style is nice too! as the guests and the newly wed can move around freely

cannot resist temptations, I moved to desserts right away!

Wendy, knew her quite a while since our mums know each other ;)

Mei Fen.. dint seen her for quite some time... she's always busy :(

Wai Yuin, I think we're from the same kindergarten, and our mums know each other too! LOL :P

1st time meeting this cute girl, Ivy, she's really funny ;)

with Jocelyn, my ex Form 6 classmate

another photo with the lovely bride, in her stunning red gown!

again, photo with Cryst and Ivan before I left the venue

Once again, thanks for the invitation Cryst (I know you'll read this). Congrats to the both of you!

p/s: by the way, your dad's speech was very touching! I nearly cry you know!! T_T


  1. Oh...a wedding buffet dinner - nice!^^

  2. u look taller and prettier in e long dress! so sweet~

  3. mNhL and Erika, yes, it was my 1st time attending buffet style wedding dinner. nice though!

    Evelyn, thank u! I like that dress too ;)

  4. haha yes, i'll read this ;) thank u for coming all the way to attend my wedding dinner, i really appreciate that, i'm serious! hope u enjoy the night and thanks for posting up those pics, can email me all the original copies dear? i'm now collecting pics from everywhere, LOL. btw, i can't really remember what my dad i mentioned before, i was really blur that nite -_-"

  5. Cryst, you're welcome dear! I enjoyed the night la, meeting new friends, LOL ;) And most importantly took photos with the lovely bride!
    Sure, will email you the photos when I'm free k?
    Oh, your dad was saying something like 'she's our youngest daughter and the most sayang ones.. I hope she'll be happier after she married... etc etc' ;)

  6. 1st of all, I have to congratulate your beautiful friend! She is gorgeous!

    To date I haven't gotta chance to attend any buffet style chinese wedding reception, I'm considering to do it for my kids in the future, kiahahaha!

    I like the miniature paper bride gown and Tux gift, so unique!

    Have a nice day Hayley!

  7. Alice, LOL, by the time your kids have their wedding, there might be something else new already!
    Yes, I like the wedding favors too, very unique!

  8. Nice wedding event at KL :) You look so youthful in that dress

  9. congratulate to your beautiful friend.
    buffet style wedding dinner,hmm...1st time i heard about it...look quite creative way too...

  10. Vinnie, yes, me too, buffet style.. something special lo, the only issue is you need to serve yourself la, ;)

  11. Hi Hayley, very nice pics, and the couple looks great too.
    Love your dress....and you look real beautiful too.
    Very elaborate wedding too.
    Its only from pics like yours I get glimpses of Malaysian fashions.

    Here its no longer miniskirt weather, have to wear jackets as temp around 5'c.
    Have fun, Lee.

  12. Hi Lee, thanks for the compliment! I hardly wear maxi dress actually, this is my 1st one ;)
    You take care and keep yourself warm!

  13. The bride and groom are so well-matched to each other. You looked different and lovely in your bohemian maxi dress too, should more like this next time.

  14. Yan, yes they're a perfect match!
    Oh really? At 1st I thought I wont look good in maxi because I dont have the height.. But now I think I'm pretty confident ;)

  15. I really admire your courage in driving alone all the way to KL! I don't think I'm able to do that cos I'm a coward, afraid of 1001 things haha. And I'm more jakun than you cos I've never been to this Hotel Boulevard before! :p

  16. ChloeRuoyi, haha thanks! Actually many friends said the same thing, I also dont know where I got courage to drive alone :S

  17. oh yes, cryst is gorgeous with that red gown, guess he pick the right colour !!! & u too, how lucky to witness her special day :P


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