Thursday, October 7, 2010

Early birthday celebration

Colleagues treated me a Phoon Choy (盘菜) dinner on Monday, as to celebrate my birthday in advance ^^
This would be my 4th times having Phoon Choy (if I'm not mistaken)...
(Read Yvonne's post here)

starter, steamed ground nuts

the ladies, Yvonne, Yan, Li Ying and I

here comes the star of the night, big bowl of phoon choy, this is the view of 1st layer

2nd layer now...

3rd layer, I started to feel full....

the last layer, already very full here =_=

Overall, I like phoon choy. it's best eaten with more people, this that we ordered is a 5-pax portion, but actually its more than enough for 5. some people find it not as good as it looks, probably because everything are in a same bowl, so they tasted almost the same?

l-r: Yan, Yvonne, yours truly, Li Ying, Yew (ex colleague) and Khoo

last photo for the day, us after dinner, burrppppp....

Here, I'd like say Thank You again for the luxury dinner! Have a nice day~
p/s: We usually make advance reservation for phoon choy, visit Flemington website for more infor.


  1. hAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Wow...phoon choy!!!!I like....

  2. You are welcomed. Happy Birthday to you.

  3. wow~so good!Happy birthday ohh... I wish you ALL THE BEST & May all ur dream become true ^^

  4. Thank you ChrisAu, Yan and Evelyn! ^^

  5. Oo~ you're welcome. But I do wish to have this dish again, with more people of course. So that I won't stuff myself so much and feel fat afterward, lol!

  6. Yvonne, yes, with more people! And we can order other dishes to share if not enough ;)

    Willie, thanks! ^^

  7. Mei, tomorrow is ur Birthday. Wish u all the best in ur career and in ur life undertakings!

  8. Angeline, thank you thank you!

  9. Happy Birthday to you Hayley. So how's your celebration with your hubby?

  10. Barbara, thank you! ^^

    Well, my hubby is not those romantic type of guy =_= He never plans on how to celebrate with me, instead, my girl friend organized a dinner tomorrow, my hubby will be tagged along 0_o

  11. ya...poon choy have to be eaten with more people...else cannot finish. hehe...

  12. thaks for ur condolence wishes ...

    Btw, happy bday to you ... the phoon choy looks very very big portion...nice.

  13. mNhL, yaya, the more the better! haha ;)

    Via, hope things are find for you now..
    Thanks for the wishes!

  14. A Wonderful Birthday to you! May all your birthday wishes come true! That's a scrumptious dinner, I never have 盘菜 before, should really try it one day!^-^

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Alice, thanks!
    Yea, you should try it and let me know how is it! ^^

  16. Happy Birthday, Hayley! (wondering when is the exact date).

    The poon-choy looks really good! I've never eaten it before... didn't even know that the contents are layered like that. Lots of good stuff inside! Nice celebration with your girlfriends :)

  17. ChloeRuoyi, haha, today is the day!! ;) Thanks!
    Phoon Choy is nice, quite special too! ^^


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