Friday, October 1, 2010

Entering October

Time flies and it's October now! :0
Anyway, October is my favourite month because, ehem, it's the month I was born *hint hint* :P

To celebrate October, my colleagues from Costing department organized a vegetarian lunch at Jia Yi Dao restaurant (again). nah just kidding, it's actually World Vegetarian Day today so I joined them for the lunch ^^

#1. deep fried prawns with lots of mayonese

#2. stir fry broccoli with assorted mushrooms

#3. steamed Japanese tofu with thick sauce

#4. curry meat with home made bun

#5. mixed greens with almonds

#6. sweet sour fish

today's lunch mates minus me cause I was the camera girl =_= today's lunch is also to celebrate Jermin's (2nd lady sitting from left) birthday. she's our ex colleague from Costing.

Just fyi, there'll be buffet lunch organize by the same restaurant from 8/10 til 16/10 in conjuction with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Each coupon is selling at RM 10 per adult.


  1. wow~ u always enjoyed yummy foods... i also wan eat!!! ;)

  2. Hayley u r fast! Happy World Vegetarian Day! So the RM10 coupon must buy first?

  3. I've been seeing lots of marketing about this restaurant from you. And the food looks really yummy. Must must try it one day! Buffet is another story :P

  4. Evelyn, ya, many friends are telling me the same thing, I do alot of blogging/photo taking on FOOD only! haha :D

    Angeline, same to you! Our vegetarian lunch still carried on despite the earlier confusion ;)

    Yvonne, yep. I already lost count on how many times I've been there =_=

  5. always post a lot of nice food make me hungry during reading ur blog^^

  6. i just hopped over from Yvonne and saw food in the blog. now i'm here and seeing food too. i better go to bed now..with a rumbling tummy :(

  7. Buffet lunch for RM10 per adult, I'll be dying for it, kiahahah!

    Yummylicious spread of food, a happy belated birthday to your colleague Jermin!

  8. Hayley: is ok! A big laugh..we actually didn't go to the same place..

  9. I haven't went to a vegeterian restaurant for a long long time lah. I remember the last time was the time when I went to china for vacation. Not my taste lah - cant llive without meat or veggies.

    Have a happy weekend!
    jen @

  10. I haven't tried these type of food in this restuarant before, except for the buffet. Because my family don't like vegetarian food. I definitely want to go for the buffet again.

  11. Hwi Yee, hehe, your blog too! You always post nice photos, make me jealous also la.. LOL :D

    Barbara, LOL.. I hope the rumbling tummy dint distract your sleep.. :P

    Alice, perhaps you can plan a trip here, there're total 9 days for you to try the buffet ;)

    Angeline, ya, funny la~

    Jen, yaya, some people cant live without meat, but I think it's ok once a while.. give our tummy a rest..

    Yan, yes, hopefully we can make a trip there again ^^

  12. OMG the vegetarian dishes look tempting!!!
    I gotta go try this one day!!!

  13. Wow, nice photos of the great food you had! I love it! xD

  14. Shirlexia, yes, you're a food lover like me, so I think you should try it out and review!

    Erika, thanks babe~


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