Friday, October 8, 2010

A good day

*Thank you all for the birthday wishes in FB/blogger and sms-es!*

Today's definetely a good day as it's my birthday (haha tak malu :P) and the CAT is not around!! haha, my dear colleagues bought me a yummy cheesecake and sang birthday song to me! *jumps*

such a cute and sinfully delicious cheesecake from La Promise, thanks Lorita!!

standing next to my cubicle, with my dustbin behind =_=

my lovely colleagues, Yan, Lorita, Yvonne, Hasniza and Celine!

make a wish! every year I get to make several wishes depending on how many birthday cakes I have, how greedy! (and thats Khoo at the back ^^)

cut the cake now...

the cakes are distributed to all my departmental colleagues, as our tea time snack =)

I could feel the fats I've wallop though it was just a small piece. Luckily the weather is good today I'm going for a 40 mins jogging session later on~

Once again, thanks to you guys for the nice surprise... have a great weekend ok!

photos credit to Yvonne ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Will sure remember your know I know la. haha

    The cheesecake very nice...don't worry about fats la....just a small piece. hehe....

  2. Once again, Happy Birthday. Enjoy your celebration tonight with your friends and hubby.

  3. Eh, Khoo is behind you... looking very stress leh, kakakaka!

    Have a fabulous birthday celebration with your hubb later *wink*

  4. mNhL, haha yes, I'll remember also *wink*

    Yan, ok sure! Thanks!

    Yvonne, LOL, he really looked very stressed lo... wakaka :P
    Thanks for the wishes!

  5. Have a blessed birthday :) and stay pretty :p

  6. Hello Hayley, many happy returns of the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I can send you a bouquet of roses.

    A birthday is just another 365 day trip around the sun, so put on your Oscar de la Renta sunglasses and enjoy the trip.

    And birthdays are just numbers, it's that light in your heart that counts.
    Keep that light burning, spread your warm smiles, you remain forever young.

    Have a wonderful day, Lee.

  7. Just to let you know, I'm faking you too, as well as beverly. Come find me.

  8. awww happy belated birthday... stay pretty .hehehe. sure eat lot of cake and make lot of wishes right?hehe

  9. happy birthday...
    all the best for ur my dear~

  10. happpppppy birthday again hayley - said it to you on fb already! hope all your wishes come true and good health !!!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!
    jen @

  11. Yvon S, 梦旅飞, Hwi Yee, Jenny, thank you!

    Lee, thanks for the lovely wishes! I'm a year younger now! ^^

    goldflower86, yes, I made alot of wishes and had 3 birthday cakes this year ;)

  12. happy belated birtday to you....nice celebration there...

  13. Lovely cheesecake! That's so thoughtful of your colleagues and friends!

  14. Alice, well yes, they're very nice, right? ;)


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