Thursday, October 14, 2010

In point forms...

#1. It's mid October now and most of my anticipated events are consider over, friend's wedding and also my birthday celebration. Now, life has back on track which I find it abit boring! :0

#2. Despite the usual working routine, I'll de-stress by attending yoga session or jogging. here, a bonus picture of mum and I during our recent visit to lake garden ;)

#3. Weather has changed, it used to rain every year during this time (The Nine Emperor God Festivals). But this year, it's totally different! very very hot!

#4. Went for a full body massage yesterday and the malay lady told me my stiff neck and shoulder are quite serious! How scary!! No wonder I always feel uneasy T_T How nice if I got the time to go for a body massage everyday.....

-the end thank you-


  1. Hahaha... what I have in my mind now is: It's soon entering Nov, which means another 2 years for the BIG CAT to retire :S

    I'm counting down to something very far away :'(

    But I must agree with you on the weather, so humid and lazy.

  2. u go jogging with ur mum lo? so lovely! Totally agree with you, the weather is damn damn hot... tak boleh tahan!!! I hope to go body massage too... my neck and shoulder always pain!! >.<

  3. I just mentioned about full body massage and you have made it come true to you. How nice, I really feel like having a full body massage too.

  4. Ahhhh... I'm craving for a professional whole body massage too! ^-^

    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Yvonne, LOL, he thinks 2 years is fast, but to us... =_=

    Evelyn, yaya, but my mum used to walk, and I will jog ;)

    Yan, find some times to do it! Saripah do home service also..

    Alice, yes, very relaxing lo~
    You too, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Got to squeeze a lil bit of time to go body massage too, Mei. The last time i went, Saripah said my body like Kayu! Since Yan also mentioning it...I think i'll go there another weekend!

    Mei: Saripah can do home service as well. U just let her know! extra charge i think.

  7. oh the weather has definitely changed so much. it's really hot like hell these days. used to rain everyday throughout the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

  8. Angeline, yes she knows!
    Its really relaxing having full body massage!

    Barbara, yep! Global warming already =_= Must take good care!

  9. Quite serious? Take it with a pinch of salt though...

  10. Gallivanter, thanks for dropping by!

  11. i need to jog too hor. aiyoh not keeping up and the weather so cold here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @

  12. Jen, oh then consider going to the gym? ;)
    You have a nice day!

  13. Oh, yes, I agree too, this year's 9 Emperor Gods Festival has no rain at all. Strange! Every day is hot, hot, hot!

  14. Alice, ya, very hot and stuffy! argghhh...


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