Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is your job ruining your body?

Another informative post, hope you all dont mind ;)

DO YOU SIT ALL DAY LONG? It's official: Sitting too much is bad for you. Not only does it place pressure on the low back and tailbone, it's also found that the more time people spend on their butts each day, the more likely they are to die of cancer or heart disease.
How to stay healthy: "For five minutes every hour, get up and do something — a trip to the bathroom or the watercooler works, but the more active you can be, the better.
(Dont worry about this, I get tea session a few times a day at work =_=)

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DO YOU TAKE CARE OF KIDS? Many moms end up with soreness and tightness of the low back and shoulders, what should be called "mommy back." Try to do some light exercises and strenches to relief the soreness.
(Mummies out there, do you encounter the same thing?)

DO YOU STAND FOR HOURS ON END? Women who stand for more than eight hours a day have significantly higher rates of varicose veins than those who are on their feet less. How to stay healthy: After a long day of putting pressure on your legs and feet, the smartest thing to do is move them. Increasing circulation by moving around is the best thing.
(I think this applies to sales promoters!)

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  1. Hi Hayley, you're right there. Especially women standing up long time in kitchen.
    I bought my wife a high stool to sit and do her kitchen work...

    Good advice here.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. firstly...i am so sorry that i am out from blogging for weeks and did not visit here. so sorry. work really killing me off lately.

    i must say yes....seriously busy with work and not enuff sleep also worse now

  3. Lee, you're so thoughtful~
    Thanks for dropping by, you have a pleasant weekend! ^^

    Via, its ok, you take care now! :)

  4. LOL... I think I should blog less, wakakakaka! Very true, constantly remain in a sitting position can really strain our back, specially in poor posture... well, just have to really look into this problem!

    Have a great weekend Hayley!^-^

  5. Alice Law, yaya, dont forget, health is wealth!

    You too, have a great weekend!!

  6. Point #1 and #2 say it all about my body. I need a full body massage, facial massage & pedicure and manicure!

  7. Yvonne, take a day off and do all one shot! Seriously...

  8. My job required me to sit all day long.... oh no! I have to walk a little in every hour.....

    I do have tight and sore back sometimes. Maybe bend too much while bathing the kids, carry them and so forth.

  9. mNhL, me too! Usually just sit there all day, especially after meal =_=
    Must not do that already... better be safe than sorry!

  10. Yes, I did experience this lower back pain when Gwen was still a baby. That time I had to carry her alot and changing diapers really kills my back coz I changed her diapers on the bed.

  11. Mummy Gwen, oh.. must take good care oh~ Back bones are very important!


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