Saturday, October 2, 2010

Listen to them

I read an article in Yahoo which is related to our body and I feel it's very useful. Try to see if you experience the following:-

1. Cracking joints

Most likely cause:
The fluid around a joint contains a variety of gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen. When you crack a joint, you cause the joint to stretch, which rapidly releases gas bubbles that snap, crack, or pop. The cracking sound could also be due to a tendon rubbing across bone.

What to do:
-If the cracking doesn't hurt, don't sweat it.
-If you have pain or swelling, or the joint is red or warm or has limited motion, see a doctor to find out what's going on.

(This happens to me, especially on the shoulders. I know it's caused by improper way of sitting and using the keyboard/mouse.. sigh, really must take precaution steps now before it's too late!)

2. Dry eyes
Most Likely Causes:
Staring at a computer for too long, consuming too much alcohol, or being in cold, dry, or windy conditions can increase the evaporation of the tear film on the eyes. Antidepressants, antihistamines, and cold medicines can dry out the eyes.

What to do:
-For mild dryness, preservative-free over-the-counter artificial tears will lubricate and protect the eyes.
-Wear UV-blocking wraparound sunglasses when you're out in cold or windy weather.
-At night, use an ointment like Refresh PM (available at drugstores) inside your lower lids.
-For severely or chronically dry eyes, see your doctor for tests and perhaps a prescription for eyedrops.

(Personal sharing, place a small pot of plant around you, or a glass of water, it helps in giving a little moist)

3. Snoring
Most Likely Causes:
Being overweight or having nasal or sinus problems can lead to swelling that partially blocks the airway, increasing the chances that the tissues in the back of your throat will shake, rattle, and roll while you sleep. You may also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition in which snoring is accompanied by brief pauses in breathing as you sleep.

What to do:
-To keep the airway as open as possible, sleep on your side so your throat tissues don't collapse.
-Breathe Right nasal strips (available at drugstores) can help widen nasal passages so you can breathe more easily.
-If your snoring is keeping you or your partner awake, consult a sleep specialist to find out if OSA may be to blame.

(My hubby snores almost everytime which really distract me. I think he has sleep apnea, because he tends to snore very loudly and sometimes choked and cough non stop until he needs to sit up =_= )

There're 9 more conditions in the article, click here to read.


  1. I tell you something very weird about myself. I am very particular about noise and light when sleeping. I use a small pillow to cover my eye, though my room is already in total darkness, besides I have to wear ear plug to block all the noice like dogs bark and traffics. The weird thing is I don't get distracted by my husband's snore. Probably I take his snore as a scurity rhymes to me, as he doesn't sleep beside everynight. Hehehe! He works night shift some nights.

  2. Yan, actually I'm ok with lights when sleep, but definetely not sounds, must have total silence. But sometimes when I'm too tired, I wont get distracted also la~

  3. wow, when i read your post, i thought you were talking about me because i experience all the 3 items...hehheheheeh. oh, my hubby also snores like yours and choke and cough. it gets worse as he grows older :(

  4. Barbara, I think these are the common things we experience.. =_=

    Must take precaution before it's too late!

  5. Very informative, thanks for sharing the facts and useful remedies!;)

  6. Wahahaha, I thought my hubb is annoying when come to snoring. Now I'm not alone :) because my hubb also snore very loud and choke himself then cough to wake all of us up. %^*&$#

    As for me, I think my joints lack of fluid.

  7. Yvonne, oh I think sleep apnea is quite common among men since Barbara's hubby is having the same problem too :S
    Ya me too, joint pain!


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