Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lunch by the sea

Kuala Sepetang is well known for its fresh seafood and curry mee, as well as the tua pao.
FIL brought us for a seafood lunch last Sunday, together with my parents. It's called the Port Weld Restaurant, 十八丁海上食店.
It was a hot afternoon, but still the restaurant is almost full house. Luckily the service was fast so we dint wait for so long ;)

downstair, it's a small port for the fishermen to gather the freshly caught fishes. upstair, it's the restaurant

this is the view you'll see while enjoying the good food!

all sorts of fresh seafood, ranging from fishes, crabs, squids....

to edible murex, scallops etc etc....

cooling coconut to quech thirst at this hot day

1st dish to arrive, stir fry Japanese winter lotus

steamed murex shells

deep fried shrimps

stir fried kappa

otak otak

steamed mantis prawns

steamed stingray fish

fried curry sotong

crabs with sweet honey sauce

yellow noodles with oysters (unfortunately, we returned this dish to the cook as the oysters were not fresh, there was a weird taste of the whole noodles =_=)

deep fried baby sotong with honey

we did not order rice so these dishes are just nice for all of us ;)
The seafood price is reasonable, however, do check and confirm with the staffs there for the bill especially when there're lots of customers. One of the staff actually given us the wrong bill of the table next to us =_=

If anytime you come Taiping, you can try the seafood here!

Port Weld Restaurant
No. 150, Tepi Sungai,
34650 Kuala Sepetang,
Taiping, Perak.
Tel: 012-5598798 (Kee)


  1. 我越来越喜欢你的blog,很有亲切感! 我好想念太平哦~~

  2. I like your post title, Lunch By the Sea,, how cool..... so did you have some Guiness along with Lunch by the Sea.....if you did it must be real shiok one hahahaha

    take care now ya

  3. i shouldn't have scrolled down to read more because it's not lunch time yet...hehehhehehehe. ok, now my tummy is growling. after seeing yvonne's poon choy post and now yours :)

  4. Evelyn, 哈哈,谢谢夸奖!当你想念太平时,就来看看我的部落咯。。

    Eugene, thanks! But no, FIL and my father had liquor instead =_=

    Barbara, LOL :D 2 more hours to go!

  5. Read a couple of good reviews about this restaurant. I've love to try it out but too bad my hubb is not keen to have new environment. He's not the adventurous type :(

  6. Yvonne, well, who knows? May be someday you'll have the chance? hehe ;)

  7. My husband and me are seafood lovers. All the food pictures make me missing seafood again.

  8. Yan, ask your hubby bring you go, since you havent try this one before!

  9. OMG!! The baby sotong.....I've not been eating them for almost 20 years!!!! Used to be my childhood fav but nowadays very difficult to find.

  10. Everyone luvs seafood! Will visit them one day...

  11. mNhL, very difficult to find huh? Hmm, I'm not too sure about it, I see alot at that restaurant.. perhaps it depends on places? =_=

    Angeline, yes, I especially like crabs!

  12. Wah~!! That's a scruptious of seafood, I'm drooling over it! What?!! Steamed murex shell?!! I never have that before, die die must try!:D

  13. Alice, haha, I'm not sure murex has another name? But it taste like 'lala', perfect if dip with Kam Mon Kok chili sauce!

  14. *drooling*... its already a long time i didn't have any seafood. T_T i want to eat all that.tsk3

  15. woah! look at the fresh seafood lah! I wish they had it here like that too - would be heaven hor!! yummy dish ar!!

    have a great day!
    jen @

  16. goldflower86, haha, seafood is good.. but once a while la, cause high cholesterol :P

    Jen, is it hard to find fresh seafood there? Come here and I'll bring you, LOL ;)


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