Friday, October 29, 2010

Make up course

From the classical make up contest I participated last month, I redeemed an 10 hours make up courses, and paid additional RM260.

The course ended and I'm one level up in terms of make up knowledge :P

the 1st class, we learnt to sketch shape our eyebrows, on a paper ;)
according to Ivy (the make up artist), eyebrows should be drawn from the tips and blend softly towards the end

2nd and 3rd class, we use colored chalk and learnt to create layered eye makeup (some are demonstrated by Ivy).
Always start with eyeshadow base, then the lighter color, followed by the darkest. add some black/grey color at the outer corner of the eyes if you want to create smokey effects

4th class, a simple smokey eyes of bronze and brown color. Always start with a clean face, apply foundation (blending downwards and outwards), concealer (if need to) and top with powder foundation to lock the shine.

close up, can see that the double eyelid stickers were not applied properly :P this is a full eye makeup with eyebrows, as well as fake lashes

5th class, another smokey effects, topped with inner eyeliner (内眼线, I used gel eyeliner). Usually I dont draw the inner eyeline, as it requires a quick move and the eyeliner must be as close to the eye as possible. if you do it slow, you'll feel the itchiness and for some people, they might even teared..however, drawing inner eyeline can enlarge the eyes instantly, create a very dramatic look ^^

6th class, something like nude make up (裸妆), a very popular trend now in Taiwan/Korea. just abit of eyeshadow, with mascara (no fake lashes). a great look for day time outings or going to the office ;)

another camwhored picture :P complete with foundation and lipstick. By the way, I used Aery Jo products throughout the whole courses.

last but not least, I used the cash vouchers I've won to buy an 2-way eyebrow and eyeliner pencil, and a color party eyeshadow (this is the color I used during the course).

p/s: I only share some simple tips, as I believe there're alot of online make up tips and tutorials available these day


  1. I have not been putting up complete make up since the day I quit my job, only blusher and lip gloss now. By the way, you look radiant in the pics.:P

  2. Wow, I love your mini tutorial, Master Hayley!^^, it's time to do some experiment of my own too~ ;P

  3. A very useful tips and the 10 hours course is worth every cent. Do they teach you about numerous type of make-up, e.g. party type, au natural or dramatic?

  4. you look so nice.....simple and sweet.

  5. oh very nice. i love the smoky eyes :D

  6. Inspired Momx1, well, thinking at the bright side, at least you got least chemicals on your face ;)

    Erika, LOL, I havent reach Master yet la :P

    Yvonne, erm nope, more on smokey eyes as its a trend now, and focus on how to apply color based on my eye shapes.

    mNhL and Barbara, thank you!! ;)

  7. i love smokey eyes but dunno how to apply one at all...haha~~
    i think i shud take up a class too..hehe~
    btw the 6th class nude make up, is simple n nice...
    the simple smokey eyes of bronze and brown color is nice too...

  8. Vinnie, thanks ;)
    The make up artist said I have thick eyelid, so there's not many makeup pattern I can do, so go for smokey is the safest ;)
    Ya, if you have the interest, make up course will be useful and fun!

  9. Great sharing makeup tips, Hayley, I like the nude makeup a lot. Because, I always run out of time when applying too much makeup, at the same time with two kids around. Your nude makeup looked natural.

  10. Yan, yes, its very popular now, a great make up so that our face wont look so pale and at the same time, wont look too much ;)

  11. I seldom make up as lazy and have no idea on it. thanks for the useful tips! ;)
    p/s: the smokey eye very pretty...

  12. Evelyn, thanks ;)
    Sometimes I'm ok with make up, but when it comes to removing............ =_=
    LOL :P

  13. Wow..only RM260 for the makeup course is very worth it.

    I like your smokey eyes effect very much. You have very nice skin and you are so photogenic.

    Even after I've applied make up on my eyes, can't really see in the photos..haha. My eyes are too small.

  14. Aiyor~! I'm envious by looking at your subtle skin, so fine, so fair, so smooth and beautiful... T-T

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Mummy Gwen, thanks ;)
    Well, you can try the double eyelid sticker! Can enlarge the eyes instantly ^^

    Alice Law, hehe thank you! I think moisturisation is very important ;)
    You too, have a great weekend~


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