Friday, October 15, 2010

Results of the classical make up contest

Remember the classical make up contest I joined last month? Well, results announced and there was a prize giving ceremony at Taiping Sentral last Sunday.
Event started at 9pm with introduction of Yolanda slim wear and one of the contestant singing some songs as entertainment. Ivy (the organizer) was at the back stage, finalising 3 models with their classical looks.

this is the champion. nice?

1st runner up

2nd runner up, Celine. I predicted she'd be the champion ler.. =_=

3 special prizes

the 10 contestants who got consolation prizes, that including me! LOL ;)
(photos taken from Yuko Love Wedding album)

Sandy and I, we got consolation prizes ;)

some of us on stage

and here's Ivy (in cap) with 3 models for the night

So what are the prizes I get?

a bouquet of pink rose and a goodie bag which consist of...

a pack of Aery Jo facial wipes, and lots of cash vouchers from the organizers

Well, I never thought of winning anything, most importantly is gaining the experience of becoming a classical beauty for a day ;) Anyway, must thank the organizer and the judges!


  1. Wah, congratulation!! You are in real luck this year, ya know! Should join another contest for this x'mas *wink* you might win something.

  2. Congratulations for winning the prize. Way to go, girl.

  3. congratulations once again!! ;)

  4. Congrats.....being in the top 10 is consider winning already. You look gorgeous.

  5. Yvonne, thanks! Erm, let me think think 1st, LOL :D

    Yan, Evelyn, Angeline and mNhL, thanks alot! ^^

  6. Wow...congrats on the win, darling!^^ See what I told you earlier, you'll sure to win something one cause you're really pretty~ ;)

    I disagree with the winner though...I think the 1st runner up deserves the win more. Well, that's my humble opinion lar...haha... :)

    Congrats to you again, darling! You won life's precious experience and new friends through that event and that's what matters most~ ;)

  7. Erika, hmm, 1st runner up also not bad looking, hehe..
    Yes, I gained experience and true enough, I know a few friends!
    Thanks dear!

  8. Hi Hayley,

    Had a nice day?

    I never thought I would someday met a blogger who actually loves beauty contest. But I am honoured to know one, who is you.

    I'm not good at judging beauty and I wasn't sure what the criteria are. But from the common eyes of willie a.k.a reptoz, I think the champion is indeed very beautiful.

    So the vouchers, how are you going to spend them? Do the shops exist at your place?

    Once again Hayley, have a nice day yeah?


  9. Willie, well actually I supported the contest because I'm friend with the organizer, hehe.. She called me once she thought of the event.. so I gotto appreciate her effort!
    As for the vouchers.. I think I'm going to share some of them with friends..
    Thanks for dropping by! ^^

  10. Hi Hayley, I was busy the last 2 weeks & sorry I didn't drop-by your blog but I've a quick glance yesterday for update. Happy Belated Birthday & congrats for winning consolation prize in this contest! I expect you win higher :-) hehehe...

  11. Dora, well its ok, thanks for dropping by despite your busy schedule.. ;)
    Thanks and you take care! Looking forward to your blogging ;)

  12. Congrats~~~
    although u didn't win as the champion but at least u get the prize too...
    is a good experiences u gain.
    Have a nice day!

  13. woah.... all the gorgeous ladies there and congrats to you! It's nice to have such event parading traditional fashion!

  14. this must be a very fun experience hor??? hehehe glad u had fun lor!

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @

  15. congrats :) you won so many goodies :) seeing the 3 winners remind me of one of the TVB dramas...hehhehehehee

  16. Vinnie, yes, it was a fun one! Thank you meow!

    ChrisAu and Jen, thanks again!

    Barbara, thanks ;)
    yaya, we all looked so much like them right? ^^

  17. Congratulation! Pickles, I thought you were eligible for the 1st 3 prizes... so 'sayang', you were so beautifully make up!:)

  18. Alice, thank you! Winning a consolation prize is good enough, considering there're 100++ contestants!

  19. Wow, congratulations and celebrations! Count it your lucky day! :-D

  20. To Alice and Shirlexia, thank you!!
    Have a nice day!

  21. Congrats! I knew you would win something hehe... Being in the Top-10 is already a great achievement :)

  22. ChloeRuoyi, haha thank you so much!

  23. Hayley, congratulations for the contest! You look so very sweet in that photo. They all look great as well. Thanks for sharing with us the joy!

  24. Kristy, thank you very much! I must agree many contestants look nice in their classical look ^^

  25. i think everyone also have their own prettiness , same go to u :P congrat on wining the prize too :P


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