Monday, October 11, 2010

Something special..

This year, my birthday falls on the same day with the very 1st day of Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷诞). A few friends are on vegetarian diet so we've decided to have a vegetarian dinner celebration. Hmm.. really something special to me ;)

Annie made an earlier reservation on a 7-dishes dinner package, which consists of..

claypot curry fish with ladies fingers, not too spicy which is just nice...

mixed greens with cabbage, their famous dish according to the lady boss, but, most of us found this dish tasted abit weird.. =_=

fish fillet with sweet sesame sauce, the texture is good, and the sauce taste nice as well.

chicken nuggets, not bad!

fried prawns with salad, taste just as good as real prawns!

assorted mushrooms with broccoli, my favourite, as I'm a mushrooms lover!

and sweet sour fish. very crunchy!
the package cost us RM 168. to me, vegetarian dishes are slightly expensive compared to those normal ones.. But its okay to have it once a while....
thanks friends for the nice yummy treats!

Su Hean Vegetarian Restaurant (素香斋店)
256, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping Perak.
Tel: 05-8058693

Later on, they organized a nice and simple cut cake session for me.....
I think its Tiramisu cream cake, with chocolate waffles on top

making birthday wishes for the 2nd time this year, tee hee

The night ended with lots of fats in my tummy~
Nonetheless, I must thank the gang for the nice celebration! mwahh~


  1. Oh, happy belated birthday to you, darling!^^ So sorry for the late response ya? I am pretty busy lately... >.<" Anyway, that was a great birthday celebration! Do have a lovely week~ *Huggies* xD

  2. blessed birthday ya :) i always like chinese foods! yummy

  3. I missed Kou Wong Yeh so much, didn't get to visit since my father passed away 3 years ago... he was the one who brought my family for the event every year!

    Btw, happy belated birthday to you!^-^

  4. happy birthday to u~

    hungry adi~ can send me some food?

  5. Erika, can see that you're pretty busy.. hehe :P

    Yvon, thank you!

    Alice, thanks! Well, you can ask your hubby bring you there.. hehe ;)

    梦旅飞, thanks!

  6. Indeed, very special birthday celebration! ;) And the cake so nice... ^^ May all ur dream become true~~~ cheers!!!

  7. Oh... vegetarian food for your birthday celebration. The dishes look not bad :) I thought you are going for the vegetarian buffet.

  8. Yvonne, supposely yes, but friend said if treat me a buffet dinner for my birthday, it dint look so nice wo.. so we changed place to Su Hean ^^

  9. so much delicious food hayley! you are one lucky girl eh!!

    have a wonderful day!!
    jen @

  10. Greetings from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy. I often see you comment in Sheoh Yan's blog. Happy belated Chinese birthday to you! My Chinese birthday also falls on the 9 Emperor Gods time, but mine is on the 9th day. When I saw that claypot curry fish with ladies finger, I go slurrp, slurrp, slurrp!

  11. Jen, haha thank you! Those yummy food always contributes to my weight! :0

    Alice, thank you! Hmm, happy lunar birthday to you in advance! ;)
    Yes, the curry fish is nice!


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