Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet treats

Received a parcel the other day, a solid box wrapped in white paper....

hmm.. the handwriting looks very familiar.. ^^

Its from Roseline! ;)

Well, Ros is my pen pal (I wonder how often does people write to each other these days?). Back in secondary schooling time (about 10 years ago), I used to buy an entertainment magazine called Galaxie. Inside, there's a section where you can send your contact and mailing address to make new friends from all over the country. One day, I decided to write to this girl, Roseline, from Penang (I forgot, or she initiated 1st?) from here, we started corresponding through letters up until today.
fyi, we havent met each other before, only through photos sent in letter, and also Friendster (a hit back then) However, we lost contact when I furthered my studies in UM, and I think I lost her contact as she has moved. I thought we'd lost contact forever but few years later, we found each other again, LOL :D All thanks to Facebook! We now no longer write to each other but correspond through emails and FB already.
I'd say, Ros is my only pen pal who I still keep in touch with until now. I did wrote to a few more pen pals but all has gone missing =_=

Recently she went for a short company trip at Langkawi and sent me these:
my all time favourite chocolates! Though they're not some expensive luxuries, but it's the heart that counts! I trully appreciate this! I treat them as my belated birthday gift, muahaha ;)

Hope you're reading this Ros, once again, thank you very much! ^^

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."
- Charles Caleb Colton-

Til then, have an awesome weekend!


  1. This is reall sweet, the gift from you pen pal and also the appreciation that you expressed.

  2. Wow, your pen-friendship lasts beyond technology! I mean from pen to keyboard you still keep in touch. I had a few pen pals too, through Galaxie. Sadly, I can't even remember their names now.

  3. I thought there's no such thing as pen pal anymore..hahaha... I used to wrote to a lot of pen pals during my teens and of course, all girls!
    Wow.... chocolates.... time to indulge!

  4. wow~ so touch and sweet~ Wish ur frendship forever... =)

  5. Yan, hehe, it was a surprise!

    Yvonne, me too, totally lost contact with the rest of the pen pals =_=

    ChrisAu, LOL ya, I agree, we hardly use letters these days as technology is getting more advance!

    Evelyn, thanks sweetie~

  6. That is so sweet. IT's amazing you still keep in touch with your pen pal. I used to have pen pals from overseas but lost contact already.

  7. i never have penpal via writing letter. lol. but i knew quite a few online friend and one of them send me gift too.. so sweet of your penpal to send the chocolate. yummm

  8. ou ou ou! a box of goodies :)

    have a wonderful weekk!
    jen @

  9. Hi Hayley, thats what you call a friend, one who remembers. And she sure is 'yow sum' too.
    Yes, old days even the movie news had that 'Pen Pal's page, and thats how lots of boys met girls.

    Hey, I love those pics of you in the 'Classical make-up'. Holy Smoke!
    Looking at you, if don't know you, I'll sure say Taiwanese actress...
    Hayley, only one word comes to look stunning!
    Have fun and stay beautiful, Lee.

  10. Hwi Yee, yea, they made my days happier ;)

    Mummy Gwen, yes, I treasure the friendship as she's the only pen pal I have ^^

    goldflower86, thats nice too! Online friends also send you gifts ;)

    Jen, yaya, chocolates! I shared some of them with my colleagues..

    Lee, true! I believe some couples know each other from there ;)
    haha thanks alot!
    Like I said it was a fun experience, something new for me to try.. Anyway I think it really dint look like me though :P

  11. Wow, so many comments here ~teehee~
    so sweet to blog about these :) I am truly touched ^^ muackies

  12. So sweet and thoughful of your friend Roseline, I can see she is here!;)

    I love the liquor chocolate, it's my all time favourite!^-^

    Have a great week my friend!

  13. Rose, wow, this is the 1st time you left me comment! :D
    Thanks again for the chocolates!

    Alice, I like the liqour chocolate too! Well basically I like all types of chocolates la! LOL ;)

  14. wo..i love chocs too..they are desserts but they de-stressed us.. :)

  15. Reanaclaire, yes! They're sinful desserts LOL :D

  16. Wow, you have a very good and 'dedicated' pen-pal who still care to keep things going till now. I used to have a pen-friend when I was in Std. 5, we corresponded for about year and then suddenly she no longer replied to me - ended just like that. :-(

  17. Ooops, forgot something....

    I'm from UM too. Which faculty did you go to? I came from Science Faculty, year 1999 intake.

    P/S: I have linked your blog. Hope you'll do the same too. :-)

  18. Alice Phua, yes, I'm glad to have a pen friend like this ;)
    Oh, I'm from Faculty of Computer Science, graduate in year 2007 ;) Haha, what a coincident ya? *wink*

    Thanks for linking me, I already do the same ;)

  19. Wah!!! Still have pen pal up till today!!! Salute! hahaha..... i do have pen pal long long ago...but we never keep in contact. I also got their contact from Galaxie. haha

  20. mNhL, oh really? haha, I think Galaxie is quite famous back then.. But alot of other magazines also offer the same section now...

  21. Yeah, those were the good old days.. I had many penpals during my school days too... also picked from magazines haha. However, I've lost touch with all of them except one.

    So thoughtful of your friend to send you those chocs. Hey, Ferrero is considered expensive luxury to me and the Toggi is not cheap too :)

  22. So nice of you girls still keep in touch! I just found my long lost US pen friend 2 months ago. We started writing since we were 12 and lost contact when we were 16. And found each other at facebook after 23 long years. That's the most amazing thing ever! We promised each other will not lose contact again. Her eldest son already 23 and mine only 16. haha... See, miracles do happened!

  23. ChloeRuoyi, yes, Ferrero and Toggi arent cheap, so its actually very nice of her to send me these!

    Kristy, wow, glad to hear that! Facebook is really a good channel these days ;)
    Just keep in touch with each other, and dont forget to update if any of you change address/contact numbers ;)


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