Monday, October 4, 2010

When potato meets tiramisu..

I received e-wedding-invitation card from PotatoTiramisu few weeks ago, inviting hubby and I to their wedding reception on 2nd Oct. He's potato and she's tiramisu, dont ask me why they use such names because I dont know either, LOL :D

their lovely and modern invitation card

the groom is my brother's ex school mate, and the bride is my ex school mate, how coincident! ;)

they have this big poster which circulates to let the guests to sign

now let's some food pictures do the talking:
#1. hot and cold combination (五幅喜临门) by Soon Lee restaurant

#2. dry scallop shark fin soup (盅仔蟹皇翅)

#3. roasted duck & chicken (鸳鸯拼鸡鸭)

#4. yam basket with vegetables (佛体飘飘香)- my favourite!

#5. chef style steam grouper (沙煲炬石班)

#6. double style prawns (二味鲜明虾)

#7. curry pork ribs with bun (面包辣排骨)

#8. dessert - Kochabi ice creams!

now, more pictures on the ladies~
with Cindy and ES

hubby accompanied me to the dinner

the bride arrived quite on time, we took the chance to take photos with her

more on my ex school mates, ex treacherians

with Joey, it was so nice catching up with her!

Mei Yoke and York Mei ;) we used to call each other 'tiu jun meng' (掉转名) during schooling time :P

with all the long-time-no-see friends, also Lai Lai and Lai Mei on the right, they're twins and also a mother of 2 already ;) the wedding dinner brought us together again!

last but not least, photo with brother and the newly wed! Thanks to Potato and Tiramisu for the kind invitation and wish them a blessed marriage! ;)


  1. What a nice wedding and you ladies looks gorgeous! First time here from Eugene's blog :)

  2. ChrisAu, hello! thanks for dropping by~

  3. The bride's eyes are dolly big! Pretty girl :)

    Nice gathering and food you've got there.

  4. Yvonne, yes, her signature big eyes since schooling time! :)

  5. 哈哈~ 那么巧"tiu jun meng"哦!两个名都很好听..

  6. 哈哈 Evelyn,就是咯。。只差在不同姓而已 ^^

  7. Wah.. leng-luis galore haha! The food looks really good. This is the 1st time I see ice-cream being served as dessert in a Chinese wedding dinner.

  8. Agreed with the commen on top. A lot of pretty girls. YM and MY also very pretty. Brid also pretty, Joey also pretty. Twin mothers also pretty.

  9. ChloeRuoyi, hmm.. actually the Kochabi ice cream is quite common here at Taiping. Usually when the guests are not able to finish it, then the kids will bring them home ;)

    Yan, haha thanks thanks ^^

  10. haha, potato tiramisu. LOL . maybe that is there favorite food. LOL. yeah wedding at my place got ice cream oso la. wah lau eh, all pretty girl gathering. hehehe

  11. goldflower86, LOL thanks ;)
    The ice cream is the yummiest of all :P

  12. Attending wedding dinner is just like gathering. So fun ya.

  13. Hi Haley, wow! Sure a real fancy wedding. All those beautiful cards too.
    They have style. And I love the dishes.
    Hayley, you sure have a beautiful smile.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  14. Hayley, here's wishing you MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Birthdays are just numbers, its that flames in your heart, don't let it flicker out. Keep it burning bright always....

    And a birthday is just a 365 day trip around the sun, so have fun, and don't forget wear your YSL sunglasses, Lee.

  15. mNhL, yes, I reckon wedding or CNY will bring us all together again.. ;)

    Lee, thank you very much for the early wishes! Really appreciate it (though I'm not sure how you know about it :P)
    I'm another year older now ;)

  16. Ohhh... the bride is gorgeous! Ice cream for dessert, yummy!^-^

  17. Alice, yes, the ice cream has 6 flavors to chose!

  18. lovely wedding lah! got some ideas from it. is E-invitation popular nowadays? I think it saves a lot of money and time too :) Maybe I should consider that eh?

    have a great day!
    jen @

  19. Jen, yes, e-invitations are a great way to save money. However, hard copies are still needed for those relative who doesnt have emails ;)


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