Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whipped into place

I was away to KL (again) last weekend to attend a friend's wedding reception (will blog about it next). I met up with Esther and friends after the dinner and she suggested WIP (Whipped Into Place). It's situated at Bangsar Shopping Center, which according to Esther, a very happening spot and lots of leng zai ang mohs... ;)
Esther and Jocelyn were already there when I arrived..

we ordered some margaritas and cocktail

later on, I heard birthday song from a corner, a few WIP staffs brought this cake to our table, specifically to me ^^

woohoo, the 3rd birthday cake I had this year! though its loaded with fats, I must still thank Esther for the arrangement!

Like I said, I'm a year younger now! :D

with Sam, Jocelyn and Yean

last but not least, a simple yet nice gift from WIP, he printed the photo for us to keep.
'We do not remember days, we remember moments'

After the yum cha session, we headed back home for a good night sleep....
Woke up early the next day and had dim sum at 庄稼点心 (Taiji Dim Sum Restaurant) which situated just opposite Axian dim sum at Bandar Puteri Puchong.
some of the dim sum we ordered.. their 流沙包 (egg yolk pao) is quite nice~

done with breakfast, I hit the highway and headed back to my hometown, alone... =_=


  1. Happy Belated Birthday To You!!! Stay beautiful always. :)

    You look very young ler. ;)

  2. Mummy Gwen, haha thank you! ^^

  3. You know whenever i look at those gathering and happy pictures of yours and your friends, i feel happy for you.... truly life is just that,being happy and having good friends and family,, best of all if we had God,,,,,

    take care now so happy for you,,

  4. Eugene, thats so sweet of you..
    Yes, friends are one of the important ingredients in our life!

    You take care too! ^^

  5. I like the WIP photo, so nice and special... very good memory!!!

  6. Evelyn, yes, I treat it as a birthday gift from WIP, hehe ;)

  7. why do you have soooooooooo many weddings to attend ga? so far - i only attended one!!!! I want to attend more!!

    have a wonderful day!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. Looking at this blogpost reminds me that life should be kept young at heart!

  9. Jenny, LOL.. as far as I concern.. only one more to go this December! ^^

    Alice, hey there! thanks for dropping by!

  10. That EGG YOLK PAO very nice! I like it but a bit sweet for me!

  11. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday! Happy belated birthday :)

  12. Angeline, hmm, it's ok for me, but the yolk is very hot! Need to be careful.. ;)

    ChloeRuoyi, thank you! ^^

  13. Ahh... love margaritas! And nice ambiance.

    Hey, I thought you will try out Axian? Or have you?

  14. oh you are very happening. i've never been to bangsar shopping center since they renovated. a nice place to celebrate your birthday :) you look lovely :D

  15. Darling, I want all the delectable dim sums! I super duper love dim sums, you know... *Drooling excessively* xD

  16. Yvonne, but dont order sweet capsicum margarita, sucks =_=
    Cause Axian was too crowded.. so we had to change place..

    Barbara, yes, my friend told me it has just renovated.. but the place is not bad, should check it out..

    Erika, LOL.. those dim sum are not bad, you may try it if you happen to go Puchong ;)

  17. Lucky girl, 3 birthday cakes for this year! I'm sure you have made a bundles of good wishes, wish they all come true!^-^

    LOL, I reckon you are way too slim to worry about the extra fat! Enjoyed your moment now, it's a good saying(I like it)!

  18. Alice, yes, I made some wishes and hope they'll come true! thank you!
    Good, I like it too, enjoy every moment ;)

  19. Though you just went there for a day trip, but it seems so worth while and having real good time with friends. Before you are a mother, enjoy!

  20. Yan, yes, at least I took some nice photos with my girl friends ;)
    Ya sure! ^^


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