Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zen G at Kamunting

We've just got our company perfomance incentive so its time for some makan makan celebration :P

This time with colleagues from Finance department. We went to this Zen G vegetarian restaurant. I went once few years back, and never visit it anymore due to its slow service =_= This time, my colleague Loi actually made a booking through phone in advance. we waited for about 5 mins before the food served.

Zen G restaurant, a small yet cozy shoplot..

lots of vegetarian varieties..

they even have ala carte menu, and most of the ingredients are homemade. According to Loi, the shop owner (also the cook) is a very nice man, and he's very health conscious

here's our 1st dish, mini claypot steamed tofu with broccoli (the mini claypot is so cute :P)

also have this, mixed greens with mushrooms

rendang chicken, this one is really nice! But too much for the 4 of us =_=

the chef's recommendation, fish with sweet honey sauce

Overall the food is good! The price is reasonable too, RM 39 including rice and drinks. Before we left we gave some feedbacks to the chef on the overall service. No wonder the service is slow, because it's an one-man show. Not only does the chef needs to prepare the cooking, he also needs to take order, prepares the drinks, serve the food and bill. And I think he needs to clean up the plates also =_=

However, we're planning on the next trip! Hopefully this time, we'll see some improvement ;)
Zen G Vegetarian Restaurant
344, Jalan Kamunting,
34600 Kamunting,

Tel: 012-5087798


  1. The dishes look good and price's reasonable. However, one man show for a restaurant? Really salute the boss..

  2. Inspired Momx1, ya, one man show.. But I saw there's a girl sitting at the counter, should be her daughter.. she doesnt helps when we were there =_=

  3. I don't remember the food but I do remember the service. It was really super duper slow, until when the food arrived, I just wallop everything without tasting it :(

    The food looks tempting in your pic. Next time if I wanna go there, I will book in advance first.

  4. Yvonne, yes, the food is great!
    Shall plan for a next trip, and must book 1st before go ;)

  5. Wah..the vegetarian rendang chicken looks superb. Does it taste like chicken? The price is very reasonable too.

  6. Hey you guys are so into vegetarian food!
    Anywayz, this one looks good!

  7. *faint* he should employ me to be worker. hahahah. its does look delicious. oh no hungry !!!

  8. Mummy Gwen, yes, it does taste like chicken, but of course the texture is very different lo...

    Shirlexia, LOL.. vegetarian food can be good too!

    goldflower86, haha ya, perhaps he should hire you :P

  9. Wah, the rendang chicken was flooded with gravy, which is what I prefer most!^-^ Yummy~!!!

  10. Alice Law, yes, best eaten with plain rice.. simply delicious!

  11. The vegetarian food looked really good. We shall go one day.

  12. Yan, yaya, we can book in advance 1st *wink*

  13. The vegetarian food look awesome. Once a while, we love to eat vegetarian food too.....

  14. mNhL, yes, definetely ok to have it once a while ;) All meats are no good also right? :S


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