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Another year wiser

It was hubby's birthday yesterday so I gave him a dinner treat. These days I seldom buy him presents unless if there's something specific which he wants. Most of the times, we'll settle with a meal.
Went to Raintree cafe at Flemington Hotel for a simple celebration.

xmas tree decor on the table
the birthday boy who hardly smile when taking photo =_=

thats me

ordered this Chicken Valdostana Milanese for myself

hubby had grilled black pepper steak

a blur camwhored photo of us

The food was ok but the service is still abit slow, there were no customer last night when we were there. Somehow the chinese restaurant upstair makes more business than this one, I wonder can this western cafe survives?

last but not least, a plate of his favourite fruit as dessert ^^
After the fattening dinner, I made myself stand for at least 30 mins and did the invisible chair pose while Facebooking =_=

Montmartre Hill, Paris

We touched down at CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport early in the morning and the coach brought us to Novotel Hotel for buffet breakfast. Temperature was about 7'C this morning and still tolerable ;)
random photo at the garden outside hotel
in the hotel lobby

next, the coach driver brought us to Montmartre Hill (pronounce as mont-mart), also known as Basilica of the Sacre Couer.
along the way, we saw beautiful classical buildings..... most of the buildings are old, but nicely built
another building
on the way to Montmartre Hill, lots of people though it was a Monday
we took cable car to the top, and saw great view of Paris city
the church, Saint Pierre de Montmartre
me in front of the church, it was quite cold up there, have to wear my down jacket

thats hubby, looking abit tired

and me, looking tired as well, dint slept well in the plane =_= we went into the church to see the architecture, no camera allowed so no photos...

spotted this leng lui artist there ^^ there're lots of talented…

Birthday celebration in advance

Hubby's birthday is just a day away, the gang decided to treat us dinner (yes, usually the partner of the birthday boy/girl gets to eat free as well :P)
This time, Annie (my best buddy) suggested Sin Bee Guan(新美源)restaurant.
before the food comes, we did our usual activity, haha :D everybody smile!!
we ordered claypot seafood

loh hon zai

their signature fried tofu

deep fried nestum chicken (something new to us, not bad though)

fried assam prawns

last but not least, steamed pak song gong
the total bill is RM 212 for the 11 of us, I think its pretty expensive though, probably because of the huge fish la~ After the filling dinner, we headed to Tai Or restaurant for the usual yum cha session, hubby was especially enjoyed since he has missed gossiping with the gang for the passed one week due to our honeymoon trip, LOL :D

Of French food

I'm going to share some of the food I had during the Paris/London trip. But for your information, I dint snap ALL of the food I had, because majority of the food the tour arranged were their local chinese food (such as steamed fish, vegetables, duck, pork, chicken etc, those you can find at Malaysia). Most of the times I sat with other tour members (about 10 people per table), so I feel kinda paiseh la if I were to snap photo of every meal before we start eating, paiseh asked them to wait, if you understand what I mean ;)
So, sorry for that =_=

Anyway, there were some specialties we had in Paris.

in every buffet meal, I see cheese and moose/cream cakes breads and butter are a must, the tour guide told me, French would die without breads, LOL :D

Escargot, land snails. Tasted abit like our lala, but I dont like it. I had one only, just not used to the taste =_=

seafood platter, the prawns are very fresh

duck chop. duck is one of the famous dish there in Paris, ducks were served in every…


Hello to all my lovely readers! I'm back now! :)

Resuming my work starting today, and mood totally gone when I see my office uniform this morning :(

Anyway, I shall update about my trip as soon as possible, I got lots to catch up!
The trip was absolutely awesome! I was in Paris for 3 days and 4 days was spent at London. To compare, I prefer Paris more as it's really nice and romantic! I did quite alot of shopping also *big hole in pocket*

Gotto get back to work, wishing you guys a lovely day! ;)

share with you, one of my favourite photo, taken at Montmartre Hill Paris with a lovely dog! The dog owner is so kind to offer me a photo ^^
p/s: Bonjour means Hello/Good day in French


Dear All,
Thanks for the warm wishes, I'm feeling better already ;)

I'm taking approximately a week off from the chaos and stress from work, and heading to my dream land, Paris, for my 1st official honeymoon! :D

will visit London (image source )
as well as Paris (image from here )

So forgive me for the hiatus, you guys enjoy yourself and take care ya!
I will see you soon ^^

Travel essentials

These are things we know we definetely need for travel but there are some things you might not know you needed until its too late. Learn from other's mistakes and stuff your backpack with these goodies!

1. BandAid blister block/Plaster
A lifesaver for uncomfortable feet

2. Playing cards
Something good to kill the times

3. Bedsheets
Avoid bed bugs/nastiness by bringing own bedsheets

4. Sleeping mask
Helps during a long flight and a proper night's rest

Anything to add on? ;)

Wrong timing

The trip is just like 2 days away, and I'm down with a nasty nasal congestion and mild sorethroat. FML :(

Am resting at home, hoping the virus goes away soon!

DIY facial serum

I've been following Queenie's blog for a while now and I love all her make up tips and tutorials! Her latest DIY project is a facial serum, it's the cheapest serum you can ever find, and the serum's effect is just awesome!
All you need is some white fungus (yes you read it right, white fungus!) and water! (Of course you'll need some bottles and a gas stove :P)

ready some white fungus (choose those which is abit yellowish). white fungus is a very good natural source of anti wrinkles, and improves our skin cell. the white fungus serum also has high hydrating factor.
soak them into warm water for about 30 mins (or until the texture is completely soften and clean)

then, cut off the roots and set aside (we dont need the root for this serum), then cut the rest into pieces

put them to boil for 1 hour. I used about 800ml of water (the water amount depends on how big/small is your white fungus). start with medium heat and when the water is boiled, switch to low heat


Sauk again

The BDS (Black Dog Society) group was having a very long hiatus, so we decided to plan some outings again, especially during this long Deepavali weekend. Since the rest have not try Sauk seafood, EK and I decided to bring them there. I called for reservation in the afternoon thinking that it was a public holiday, so I better book in advance ;)

Lau Kai, famous for its fresh water fishes. It was 7pm++ when we reached..

total 10 of us

the guys had some Johnnie Walker (bring from home), while the girls had chinese tea

Lau Kai signature fried sang min, a-must-order!

this is another must-order, their homemade fishballs. they even have homemade tofu...

claypot curry prawns, recommended by my BIL during the last time we went there. Judging from the look, I think you'll agree with me, the curry taste sooo goooddd!!

steamed bay fish (湾鱼)

stir fry choy sum

steamed 'shui ma lao' (I have no idea what does it called in English)

Lau Kai special fish belly

not feeling full, we ordered their s…