Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday celebration in advance

Hubby's birthday is just a day away, the gang decided to treat us dinner (yes, usually the partner of the birthday boy/girl gets to eat free as well :P)
This time, Annie (my best buddy) suggested Sin Bee Guan(新美源)restaurant.
before the food comes, we did our usual activity, haha :D everybody smile!!

we ordered claypot seafood

loh hon zai

their signature fried tofu

deep fried nestum chicken (something new to us, not bad though)

fried assam prawns

last but not least, steamed pak song gong

the total bill is RM 212 for the 11 of us, I think its pretty expensive though, probably because of the huge fish la~
After the filling dinner, we headed to Tai Or restaurant for the usual yum cha session, hubby was especially enjoyed since he has missed gossiping with the gang for the passed one week due to our honeymoon trip, LOL :D


  1. happy birthday to him!! waa the fish look so yummy. i agree it must be the fish lah if so mahal. hehehe. btw, where your paris n london post ?

  2. food again? how do you manage to stay so slim, Hayley? oh, i can't wait to read your holiday post :) Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby :D

  3. Hi Hayley,

    Happy birthday to your hubby. Usually when we buy seafood, the price will be very expensive. Hehehe.
    If without the seafood, probably you guys will end up paying around RM150.

    Happy birthday again to your hubby.

  4. goldflower86, thank you!!
    yep, its the fish which is so costly ;) Paris post? coming up soon!

    Barbara, I'm not slim ler =_=
    Alright, please be patient ya! ^^

    Willie, thank you! You guys are so sweet ;)

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby. He will turn one year older and wiser 10 minutes from now. :)

  6. Inspired Momx1, haha thank you!!

  7. Happy birthday to your other half :)

    I agree the bill is kind of expensive for the rate in this town. But deep fried nestum chicken... 1st time heard about it. Normally nestum is cooked with prawn :O

  8. Yvonne, thanks for the wishes ya!

    Yes, usually we eat nestum prawns, this time, we request for something different ;) Not bad though!

  9. Happy Birthday To Your Hubby! The fish looks big in the pic. All the food so yummy.

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby, what did you get for him? Mind to share. I was attracted by the claypot seafood.

  11. Happy Birthday to your lovely hubby! ^^

  12. Mummy Gwen, thanks! Yes, the fish was big!

    Yan, thank you! Erm, sadly I dint get him anything this year. haha.. may be just treat him a candle light dinner~ haha :D

    Evelyn, thanks ya!

  13. Happy birthday to your handsome and lovely hubby,,, you guys are so compatible, as far those pictures i have seen from your blog...

    hey funny lol how come i no see Guiness stout on the table one..

    have a great week ahead Hayley

  14. Eugene, thank you for the wishes!
    Haha, but we're not compatible in terms of height =_=
    They had Guinness Stout during 2nd round, but not during dinner.. hehe..

  15. Hi Hayley, here's wishing your hubby all the very best on his birthday. Many happy returns of the day, and wishing him lots of good health and laughter, and many more to come.
    Best regards, Lee.

  16. Lee, thank you very much! Thats very sweet wishes!

    dblchin, LOL.. remember to wipe your saliva! :P


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