Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello to all my lovely readers! I'm back now! :)

Resuming my work starting today, and mood totally gone when I see my office uniform this morning :(

Anyway, I shall update about my trip as soon as possible, I got lots to catch up!
The trip was absolutely awesome! I was in Paris for 3 days and 4 days was spent at London. To compare, I prefer Paris more as it's really nice and romantic! I did quite alot of shopping also *big hole in pocket*

Gotto get back to work, wishing you guys a lovely day! ;)

share with you, one of my favourite photo, taken at Montmartre Hill Paris with a lovely dog! The dog owner is so kind to offer me a photo ^^

p/s: Bonjour means Hello/Good day in French


  1. Welcome back. The dog looked fierce and big. I am scared of big dog. Thanks for the Eiffel Tower key chain.

  2. Thanks for the Eiffel Tower key chain too! Muacks!

  3. That's a Labrador, she is known for her friendliness, obedience and loyalty, one of my favourite breed of dogs! :)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures on FB, I think I would also prefer Paris over London... it's such a wonderful place to spend a vacation!^-^

    Have a nice day!

  4. Bonjour~ and welcome back! Thanks for the special souvenir you brought all the way from Paris. I can't wait for more photos :)

  5. Hi, happy to have you back,, it seems that everyone is talking about the Eiffel Tower key chain, why ah?

    show more pictures ok?

  6. Yan, thanks ;)
    The dog looks fierce but she's very obedient!

    Angeline, welcome la ^^

    Alice Law, oh really? I dint know its a Labrador, but you're right! she's so obedient! She actually let me touch her somemore ;)

    Yvonne, I cant wait to show you guys photos also!

    Eugene, LOL :D Thats the little souvenirs I got for my colleagues :P
    Alright, sure will ;)

  7. Welcome back! Paris is indeed a very nice place but we felt quite lost because of the language barrier so we actually preferred London haha. Can't wait to see your photos :)

  8. ChloeRuoyi, well thats the only thing I dont like.. But nowadays most of them knows English also la ^^

  9. Welcome back! Ur photos are so nice... wait for more... ;)

  10. Hi Hayley,

    Welcome back. I bet your blog will be very interesting starting from today.

    I am very excited about your trip. I hope to get to know Paris better and LOndon too. I have not been to both countries, except my wife who studied in UK. I saw her photos and I would like to see yours.

    That dog is a good type of dog. It is not fierce like a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler.

    Ok Hayley. See you soon.

  11. Can't wait to read more about your honeymoon in Paris and London.

    I love these two cities so much! I am sure you had an awesome honeymoon there.

  12. Evelyn, thanks dear!

    梦旅飞, yes I'm back!! ;)

    Willie, I'll share more photos soon! Paris is really a nice place to be, except that some of them dont know English.. But overall still ok ^^

    YT, hai!
    I had an awesome trip there of course! Thanks for dropping by ya!

  13. Comment allez vous! Glad to know you are back. Can't wait to read more :D

  14. Barbara, thank you! Enjoyed the trip very much, now its going to take me some times to compile the photos and blog about them....

  15. I love London over Paris because I spent more time in London than in Paris. Only a brief visit to Paris but went down to London many times during college time. Dream to go back there again. looking forward to see more photos of your trips!

  16. Welcome back. Nice photo. You are not scared of dogs huh. I love dogs too. :) Can't wait for your posts about your trip.

  17. Agnes, I'm the opposite, I prefer Paris :P But London is also a good place for shopping, muahaha :D

    Mummy Gwen, thank you~
    Yes, I love dogs ;)
    Seems like everyone is waiting for my posts, I must not procrastinate anymore :P

  18. i cnt wait n dun dare to procrastinate! LOL. tell all!

  19. Hi Hayley, everybody loves and music everywhere.
    I specially love those small sidewalk cafes with their small coffee tables, waiters with aprons and warm greetings in French.
    Yes, I love Paris too!. Lee.

  20. goldflower86, haha, I shall update more soon!

    Lee, yes, there are lots of small cafes with beers or coffee, so nice! The people there are very friendly as well~


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