Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DIY facial serum

I've been following Queenie's blog for a while now and I love all her make up tips and tutorials! Her latest DIY project is a facial serum, it's the cheapest serum you can ever find, and the serum's effect is just awesome!
All you need is some white fungus (yes you read it right, white fungus!) and water! (Of course you'll need some bottles and a gas stove :P)

ready some white fungus (choose those which is abit yellowish). white fungus is a very good natural source of anti wrinkles, and improves our skin cell. the white fungus serum also has high hydrating factor.

soak them into warm water for about 30 mins (or until the texture is completely soften and clean)

then, cut off the roots and set aside (we dont need the root for this serum), then cut the rest into pieces

put them to boil for 1 hour. I used about 800ml of water (the water amount depends on how big/small is your white fungus). start with medium heat and when the water is boiled, switch to low heat

you'll know that the serum is ready after about 1 hour, or when you find the white fungus juice becomes gluey. after that, filter out the white fungus juice

and fill them into clean bottles, keep them in fridge for better result. And since this serum has no added chemicals, it's advisable to finish the serum within 1-2 weeks

so simple and cheap right?! wait.... dont throw away the white fungus in the kitchen, cook them with some rock sugars/brown sugar and it'll turn out to be a great dessert for good skin ;)

I add in some rock sugars

and the roots which we cut off earlier on?
it's a great facial scrub! hehe.. each and every part is fully utilised now!

try it ladies~ I'm sure you gonna like it. Since it's a natural food, I think the serum is suitable for all skin types.
Til then, have a pleasant day ahead!


  1. Love your DIY serum. Now i know white is so useful for beauty. I am going to blog about white fungus as well.

  2. Au natural serum. Very informative :)

    I thought white fungus is only food, never thought it can be used for beauty too.

  3. wah... so interesting!
    (but I very lazy to DIY ==')

  4. Yan and Yvonne, ya, I never know white fungus can offer so much benefits!

    Evelyn, LOL, may be you can try the next time when the mood comes ;)

  5. well well well very informative goin to try it soon.

  6. Wah~! Very resourceful and practical! Thumbs up! Do update us its outcome after 1 or 2 weeks time, I'm very keen to know!^-^

    Thanks for sharing, another great tips to pamper our precious skin!;) Have a nice day!

  7. Angeline, yea good luck! ^^

    Alice Law, alright, will do~ But I can tell you that, I like it the moment I used it, because its very moisturising! ;)

  8. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! I never knew this can be used to look beautiful? No wonder you have a beautiful complexion.
    Must tell my wife about it.
    And I thought only good for eating, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  9. Lee, yes! Share the tips with your wife!
    And you can actually use it too, hehehe ;)

    Have a great day ahead!

  10. Wow..amazing. Didn't know white fungus can turned into serum too. Brilliant idea. Now wonder your skin is so nice. You really take good care of your face. :)

  11. Mummy Gwen, yaya, surprising facts ya!
    Try it.. hehe, our face is one of the important asset ^^

  12. Hey, this one can kalahkan SKII haha. I'm all for natural products too. This is really a marvelous idea. Thanks for sharing :)

    You can actually share with someone if you can't finish using it within a short period. Can take turns to boil it.

  13. ChloeRuoyi, natural skin care items are good right!
    Yes, I did give some to my mother, next trip I'll do more and distribute to friends, hehe ;)

  14. what a great idea! gonna try that!

  15. Thks for sharing this tip. Interesting !

  16. Hai Agnes and mNhL, hope you'll enjoy the serum!

  17. Wow, cool! I'll give it a try! xD Thanks for sharing this lovely info, darling! *Huggies*


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