Friday, November 26, 2010

Of French food

I'm going to share some of the food I had during the Paris/London trip. But for your information, I dint snap ALL of the food I had, because majority of the food the tour arranged were their local chinese food (such as steamed fish, vegetables, duck, pork, chicken etc, those you can find at Malaysia). Most of the times I sat with other tour members (about 10 people per table), so I feel kinda paiseh la if I were to snap photo of every meal before we start eating, paiseh asked them to wait, if you understand what I mean ;)
So, sorry for that =_=

Anyway, there were some specialties we had in Paris.

in every buffet meal, I see cheese and moose/cream cakes

breads and butter are a must, the tour guide told me, French would die without breads, LOL :D

Escargot, land snails. Tasted abit like our lala, but I dont like it. I had one only, just not used to the taste =_=

seafood platter, the prawns are very fresh

duck chop. duck is one of the famous dish there in Paris, ducks were served in every meal during the trip. this particular one, tasted ok, but abit salty.

foie gras, aka goose liver (鹅肝酱). Judging from its look, you know it doesnt taste nice, LOL. Seriously, I just dont like it (though they say its very expensive). One of the way of eating is to spread it in bread just like butter. But people said, in order to savor the real taste is to eat it on its own =_= It smells and is abit salty

lamb chop, hubby said this one is not bad

other than local chinese and French food, we tried some Vietnamese food too. this is the famous Vietnamese spring rolls, very crunchy!

Local chinese food there is very Hong Kong styled, soup must be the starter. The famous one is the dried vegetables soup (菜干汤)

last but not least, fruits are the dessert in most of the meal. We had alot of oranges this trip.

If you visit the London's Chinatown, remember to not order their steamed fish. 80% of the steamed fishes we had during the trip were not fresh at all, the smells is so strong! Other than this and the goose liver, I'm quite ok with the rest of the food this trip.

However, food there are not cheap, especially in London. I see in the menu, one meal for one person is about 10-12 pounds averagely (which is about RM50), life there must be tough huh? =_=


  1. oh boy, making me hungry again. i haven't tried the foie gras before though. i don't think i'll like it too. did you have the english breakfast while in london? i love that :D

  2. I think I'll stick to Asia food... local Malaysian food to be precise. I don't think I would enjoy foie gras nor duck nor escargot. And bread.... not too much in my menu, ok?

    But I love cheese cakes!!

  3. hi Hayley..seeing what you ate in London brought back old memories.. one plate of wat tan hor cost 8pounds then.. that time exchange rate was 3rm...hahaha.. now must be super expensive!

  4. Barbara, yes, I tried the English breakfast in the hotel. Not bad! But mostly we ate the complimentary buffet breakfast.

    Yvonne, me too! But anyway still need to try other types of food.. Haha high 5! I love cheese cakes too!

    Reanaclaire, thats why I said the food there so expensive... if 8 pounds now means RM40!! :0

  5. Goose liver to us is like "yak" to the french people it is heavenly.

    Hey, where will your next travel destination be?

  6. Eugene, yes, French people treat them as a heaven food!
    Haha, where ar? Hmm... secrets! :P

  7. I don't think I will like foie gras too coz anything to do with liver is not my kind of food...hehe. But the escargot cooked with butter and garlic from The Ship restaurant tasted very nice wor.

  8. LOL, I might die for French food as well... I love cheese, butter and bread!^-^

    The foie gras looks a bit different from what I watched on food channel, they normally marinate and roast it on a saucepan.:)

    Thanks for sharing, have a nice day!

  9. You are back with a lot of Vitamin C. Good for you. If I were there, I would also love their bread and butter.

  10. Mummy Gwen, I think baked escargot would taste nicer :S

    Alice Law, well, if I were to choose, I think I like their yogurt the most! LOL :D

    Yan, I like breads too, but prefer with fillings inside, most of the breads there are kosong =_=

  11. Hey, I love escargots! :) Did you enjoy the food with a glass of wine?

    I used to work for a French company. Our French boss liked to call for a "makan-makan" sessions in between working hours in the conference room. The French like to drink wine while having meals. He always insisted that we had at least a glass of wine to go with the meals. A cute guy with a Santa Claus's body. Hahaha..

  12. Inspired Momx1, of course I did! But I tried not to have too much wine though.. Anyway, tried their white and red wine, which tasted better also.

  13. You know at work I have a lot of chances to try French food and I really don't find them good... :S
    Yes, especially the goose liver, tasted so weird...

  14. Shirlexia, somehow Malaysian food is still the best! ;)

  15. HeLLo Hayley,

    I'm glad that you didn't post about your trip on daily basis. If you did, I will have a hard time to follow because it's too fast. Hahaha! Like my Mulu trip, It was only three days but i think i will write about it in one month. Hahaha so that my readers will not miss every detail about the trip. Maybe you can do the same.

    As usual, in every trip we go, the most important thing that we need to look for is the food. I think since most of you were from Asia, that's why they chose Chinese restaurants with some French specialties. Even if in overseas, I will definitely look for Asian food. When I went to New Zealand years ago, I was so hungry because the tour agent brought us to Western restaurants. But I did asked them to drop by at a Chinese restaurant to "Tapau" some food.

    The Escargot? Oh my goodness! I wouldn't want to eat that. Never! Unless there's no food in this world to eat anymore.

    It was really upsetting that the Chinese restaurants there served bad fish. They should not do that. Did u complain to the tour agent?

    And in UK i think 10-12 pound is cheap for the locals. For us? of course expensive. I just wish our currency is a lot higher than them. Don't you ever wish so? Hahahaah!

    Okey Hayley, I am waiting for more update from you. Have a nice day yeah?

  16. french foods look so nice! but I no dare taste it especially the 鹅肝酱 @.@ wah... 10-12 pounds per meal ah?? so expensive huh... but happy and enjoyed la hor? hehe...

  17. French pastries and desserts are AWESOME! In fact, London's too. I never tried foei gras and escargots before because it is very expensive.

    Your tour's meals look pretty expensive.

    Londoner's living cost is high but their salary range is high too. So I think they are doing ok, compared to Malaysians.

  18. Willie, I started to miss Malaysian since day 3, haha :D
    As for the fishes, we dint complain, because the tour agent knows himself.. most of the fishes there are not freshly caught, so... nvm, take it as a lesson ;)
    Thanks for the long comment! ^^

    Evelyn, yes, may be its ok for them, but not for us the tourists!

    YT, I have to agree, the tour arrangement on food is quite satisfying ;)

  19. Great pictures. I'm not very fond of snails with garlic butter. I prefer pork chops with potatoes and onions :)

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