Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sauk again

The BDS (Black Dog Society) group was having a very long hiatus, so we decided to plan some outings again, especially during this long Deepavali weekend. Since the rest have not try Sauk seafood, EK and I decided to bring them there. I called for reservation in the afternoon thinking that it was a public holiday, so I better book in advance ;)

Lau Kai, famous for its fresh water fishes. It was 7pm++ when we reached..

total 10 of us

the guys had some Johnnie Walker (bring from home), while the girls had chinese tea

Lau Kai signature fried sang min, a-must-order!

this is another must-order, their homemade fishballs. they even have homemade tofu...

claypot curry prawns, recommended by my BIL during the last time we went there. Judging from the look, I think you'll agree with me, the curry taste sooo goooddd!!

steamed bay fish (湾鱼)

stir fry choy sum

steamed 'shui ma lao' (I have no idea what does it called in English)

Lau Kai special fish belly

not feeling full, we ordered their signature fried rice to share

total bill was RM429 including 6 boxes of fishballs (takeaway order). I'd say the price is reasonable to share among 10 of us ;)

last but not least, all of us in black before leaving the restaurant

Here's the address for Lau Kai:

No. S 44, 45, Jalan Besar,
33500 Sauk, Kangsar,

Tel: 05-7511615
Operating hours: 12pm - 9pm

(From North, we used the old trunk road to get to Kangsar, then follow the Sauk signboard to get there, it's about an 30 mins journey)


  1. WOw! You really make me drooling, and you know what? I am going to pester my White Knight to bring me there. Wish me luck.

  2. Johnie Walker? Drink and drive ka? Kekeke... Yummy looking homemade fishballs, I must say!

  3. The bill with the bottle of JW included? Sorry for my ignorance, but when I first read the post title, the word "Sauk" sounded like the name of a tribe for me. Blek..

  4. Yan, haha, ok, good luck!! ;)

    Yvonne, haha ya, drink and drive =_=
    Yep, the homemade fishballs are really yummy!

    Inspired Momx1, nono, JW we brought from home :P
    LOL, Sauk does sounds like a tribe though ^^

  5. yummy foods again! I like seafood~ must go to try if have chance...

  6. Mmmmm....the food sure look delicious. I've never been to Sauk before but the name sounds familiar :)

  7. BDS is Guiness Stout socitey right? just tell me i am right

  8. LOL... I'm drooling now, all the dish looked great, especially the fried noodles( I'm sure it has suficient 'wok heat')and the claypot prawns!!

    My tummy rumbling now~!=_=
    Keep well and have a nice day!

  9. Evelyn, yes! Must go there if you have chance~

    Barbara, well, its in Kangsar, well known for its fresh water fishes!

    Eugene, LOL.. partly correct! :P

    Alice Law, you're right! The noodles is full with 'wok heat', very nice!
    You have a nice day too!

  10. Sauk is not far away from my mom hometown at KK...my parent n my uncle use to bring me there before when i'm kid...the fishball is quite delicous too~
    i shud plan to go there once again...thx for sharing...

  11. Vinnie, oh your mum is from Kangsar?
    Yes, their homemade assortments are really yummy (though abit expensive =_=)

  12. Johnnie L, they trully are delicious!

  13. Wah, like a secret society, eh? Got black uniform some more ;) Everything looks so yummy! But the name Lau Kai sounds like "tantrum" lah haha.

  14. ChloeRuoyi, LOL, 'Lau Kai'.... :D
    Despite the weird name, all their food are fabulous!!

  15. so many fish dishes. You guys must be a fan of FISHes. hehe

  16. mNhL, well, not to say fan of fishes, but the fishes there is a must-try, hehe ;)


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