Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shoes saver

If you're a high heels lover like me, I'm sure you'll encounter feet discomfort after wearing it for some times, or if the heels are brand new.
Today I saw an interesting article on similar issue on Yahoo and clicked to read. Actually there're several ways we can practise to make our shoes more comfortable.

1. Cushioned Edge
Staying just within the parameter of your shoes, these super-skinny ¾ insoles fit into open-toe shoes and sandals, providing extra cushioning and ensuring your tootsies will feel totally comfy—but your look will remain clean and stylish. (Very useful ^^)

2. Head over Heels
Shoes that are too big for you or weighted down in the front (think platform pumps) can cause serious heel slippage. So invest in stick-on heel grips, they correct a specific fit by creating a textured layer to hold your foot in place. (I think this will be even useful if we're walking in rain)

3. Stable Ground
Stiletto heels often get stuck in soft ground or cracks, I'm sure you encounter this. Both of which can destroy expensive shoes and make for an uneasy walk. To solve, attach a clear or black protector to your heel tip that subtly increases its surface area. The tip removes easily for times when you’re on more solid ground. (This is so useful, I'm going to shop for this...)

You can read here for more great tips. I believe all items stated are available in major footwear outlets.

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  1. I've never seen bone-shaped insoles fit nor heel protector, but agree... these are big saver for me.

  2. I found it interesting(as I never heard of it before this), especially the stable-ground!^-^

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. where can get the stable-ground? I also wanna try...

  4. Yvonne, something very useful for us ;)

    Alice Law, me too! damn jakun, LOL :D
    You enjoy your holiday too ;)

    Evelyn, I'm looking for it also... :S

  5. so many 'gadget' to protect our feet and shoes. haha

  6. mNhL, yes, technology is so advance now!

  7. i dun wear high heel, LOL! i don't want to sacrifice my feet. LOL! but this is new info for me :O
    maybe wearing high heel wont be so troublesome liao

  8. goldflower86, I try to cut down on wearing high heels too ;)
    Ya, these items are really useful for us!

  9. wow,thanks for sharing. those are really useful. i wonder if we can find them here.

  10. Barbara, me too.. =_= perhaps big city like KL have!

  11. something new for the ladies, guess the heels will last longer.


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