Friday, November 12, 2010

Travel essentials

These are things we know we definetely need for travel but there are some things you might not know you needed until its too late. Learn from other's mistakes and stuff your backpack with these goodies!

1. BandAid blister block/Plaster
A lifesaver for uncomfortable feet

2. Playing cards
Something good to kill the times

3. Bedsheets
Avoid bed bugs/nastiness by bringing own bedsheets

4. Sleeping mask
Helps during a long flight and a proper night's rest

Anything to add on? ;)


  1. Wow, you bring your own bedsheet to travel? It might takes up alot of your space and your suitcase might not be spacious enough to fill up with all the shopping goodies and souvenirs wor?!

    LOL... most important bring credit card and money, passport if traveling overseas!;p

    Enjoy your trip and looking forward for your updates!^-^/

  2. For me, my must take item is motion sickness pill. I take it to ease me sleeping better in the plane. Looking at Alice's comment, she has reminded me to remind you to bring along an empty foldable luggage, so that you can have more spaces for souvenirs. Ahemmm! You read my point.

  3. bring more masks if going to beaches like Redang, Sipadan and etc.. really help a lot after long hours under hot sun

  4. agree with the last one! MASKS are important :) I am 80% recover now. how is everything going with you???

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @

  5. Alice Law, ya true also.. Guess thats for people who is sensitive to other bedsheets?
    Thank you and I shall see you soon!

    Yan, ya, I'll buy to spare, just in case...
    Haha ok, I got what you mean :P

    Jade, I'll definetely bring facial mask to keep my skin hydrated ;)

    Jen, I'm alright here, cant wait for the trip! :D


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