Monday, November 8, 2010

Unstoppable 2010

Heya~ The long weekend is ended and everybody is back to work I guess. So how was your weekend? I did not visit any Deepavali open house because I dont have any Indian colleagues, nor close Indian friends... (boo)

Anyway, back to the topic.

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Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine

To me, Unstoppable is similar to Taking of Pelham 123 (with the same leading actor, for your information). Its about people trying to stop a runaway unmanned cargo train (which carries toxic chemicals) from destroying the towns.
Frank (Denzel Washington) and Will (Chris Pine) take the risks to try to slow down the cargo train with whatever they can do...
(Of course the ending is good la :P)

Personally, I like Denzel Washington's movies. He's a professional actor and I think most of his movies are more realistic ;)
this movie is very action packed, not boring at all!

rating: 4/5


  1. Denzel Washinton is my all time fav star.....

    my weekend? mmmmmmm, went running two day in a row, training for Penang Bridge Marathon,and took my boys to Borders to read and read..

    hey wishing you a great week ahead ya

  2. Thanks for dropping by Eugene ;)
    Oh I've heard about the Penang Bridge Marathon, saw the registration counter at QB mall the other day ^^

  3. Haven't got the chance to watch this movie yet. I watched Megamind the other day. Very funny, but Despicable Me is better. I think I'll wait for DVD to watch Unstoppable.

  4. Yvonne, I saw Megamind poster, seems like very interesting ;)

  5. Deepavali is not celebrated in JKT so no public holiday here.

    Any movies with Denzel in it sure is a good one. gave so high rating..mus download..hehe coz no chance to go cinema with Gwen around.

  6. Mummy Gwen, ya, the movie is very 'kan cheong', but dont know you'll like or not? =_=

  7. Wah~! Rated 4/5, must watch!!!:D

    Have a nice day ahead!

  8. HeLLo HaylEy,

    How's the deepavali in west Malaysia. In Sarawak, we didn't celebrate Deepavali and that's why there's no public Holiday in Sarawak.

    But my weekend was great, i think you know why. Hahaha! I like Denzel Washington, but I don't really like watching movie on trains. I prefer guns and car. Hehehe!

    Have a nice day Hayley!

  9. I like Denzel too! Is this nice? I watched predators over the weekend on DVD , quite good!!

  10. Alice Law, I hope you'll enjoy the movie too!

    Willie, Deepavali is not very happening here either, except that more cars on the road =_=
    You like cars ya? Hey, train is a type of vehicles too :P

    ChrisAu, I personally think its nice and very 'kan cheong'!

  11. yeah..I watch it during Deepavali weekend too! Its really 'kan cheong' when the part '扫cornering' I like Denzel Washington's movies too(although he is old) but he very man!~ Thumb up for him, always support his movie ;)

  12. Evelyn, LOL, '扫cornering'' :P
    But agree, that part is very 'chi kek', phew.. =_="


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