Friday, December 17, 2010

Boon & Pei's BIG day (Part I)

We had a crazy event over the weekend, which is Boon and Pei's wedding. Few months ago, this couple actually surprised us all by telling us they're getting married in Dec =_= Initially I suspect may be Pei is pregnant muahaha :D But no... perhaps they feel its time to tie the knot ;) Now let the pictures do the talking...

lovely wedding car


pretty girls ;)

us with the pretty bride, Pei (in white dress)

we left the bride's house and headed to the bridegroom's house later that night.....

here's the bridegroom, Boon, doing his praying...

fast forward to next morning, the actual wedding day.....

the girls waited at the bride's house, while the guys were at Boon's house ready to come...

at about 10am, the bride came home from her make up and hairdo....
she's lovely dont you think!

me with Pei


the bride with the girls

the bride with her ji mui and friends

l-r: yours truly, Cheery, Karen(a friend of mine said she looks like Zhang Zi Yi 章子仪 ^^), Annie

next, the heng dai (bridegroom's brothers) arrived and ready to play the games, haha :D
wearing our Black Dog Society (BDS) shirts and short pants

and posing with their Tesco slippers :)

the wedding vows for the bridegroom, ngek ngek ngek :D

they had to pass 3 stages before the bridegroom is allowed to go into the house. and yes, thats my hubby enjoying himself very much in the 'pom pom dress'

Finally! the newly wed went through some praying ceremony

leaving Pei's house, we all headed back to Boon's place...

lets go baby!

last but not least, here's the newly wed... so sweet!

p/s: part II is coming up! lots of crazy poses! haha ;) til then, please enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congratulation to the newly wed couple, may they share 2 souls with 1 thought and breath in 1 heart!^-^

    Gosh, these photos remind me of my wedding day, I missed it so much(shall I say this?), lol!

    Happy weekend, Hayley!

  2. The bride is very pretty and slim. I like the bridal gown that she chosed.

  3. Oh dear, you're having so much fun on your last trip to Europe. Love the photos and thanks for sharing it. Hope you're having a wonderful day. And happy holiday to you too!
    Blessings, Kristy

  4. Alice Law, haha sweet, I'll pass your wishes to them! Thanks ;)

    Yan, yaya, she is very slim and fair too!

    Kristy, no problem! Hope you're having a great day too~

  5. Congrats to the lovely couple! So many chi mui and heng dai..haha. Yes, all of you very pretty. :)

  6. Congrats to the newly weds.. Spotted you in the blouse that you bought in Paris or was it in the UK? :)

  7. congratulation to them again~~
    wish them 白头偕老~

  8. Congrats to the new man and his wife...

    Got part II somemore XD Really enjoy to the max!

  9. wow, a lovely wedding indeed. they are such a young couple :) hey, why was everyone wearing tesco slippers? hahahahhaahhaa

  10. Mummy Gwen, hehe thank you!!

    Inspired Momx1, hehe you notice ar? Thats the one I bought from London..

    Sherley, yaya, happy marriage to them~

    Yvonne, yes, we had a blast last weekend!

    Barb, yes they're really young!
    Oh, the heng dai actually pakat already to wear the same slippers ;)

  11. Congrats to your your friends! I noticed that there are so many Camrys in the convoy, including the wedding car ;)

  12. ChloeRuoyi, thanks!
    Yep, there were 3 Camry I think ;)

  13. hahahaha. your cute hubby dancing! omigawsh so much fun la. hehehehe. again, congrazzz. heheheh

  14. goldflower86, haha ya, funny right! He's always that crazy and supportive ^^


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