Sunday, December 19, 2010

Boon & Pei's BIG day (Part II)

Continuation on their BIG day! It was a lovely Sunday~

the newly wed spent some times creating the lovely wedding invitation cards...

reserved for the Black Dog Society (BDS) members ;)

the bride's niece, looks like korean baby right!

here's me and Cheery, a mum of a 4 months old baby ^^

with Emelyn as well


with Tingki (top) and Cindy (bottom)

left: Karen, right: Ting

hubby's crazy acts =_="

yummm sengg~

and then the couple arrived at the hall......
Pei in her pretty red gown

they're such a young couple! she's 21 and he's 25

and then hubby went crazy.... :0

who would you vote for? haha :D

here's the decent us.. hehe

yours truly, I like this photo!


us again (hope you're not bored!)

thats some of the BDS gang

girls with the newly wed

last but not least, hubby and I with them..

It was truly a fun event! Congrats to the both of them again!! ;)


  1. You looked really FABULOUS at the dinner! The guys are so playful... really a very fun loving gang. Was your hub a bit drunk? :p

  2. I love your dress and you looked pretty too. :) I remembered u said your Hubs doesn't smile during phototaking..hehe..I think he was very happy that day huh.

  3. U look sweet and pretty with the nice dress ^^
    and the korean baby is sosososo cute.... ;)

  4. ChloeRuoyi, aww thanks ;) My hubb wasnt really drunk, but the alcohol level is enough to make him act crazily, haha :D

    Mummy Gwen, thanks!
    Yep, he really enjoyed that night! In fact we all did....

    Evelyn, hehe thanks, I like that dress too ;)

  5. you look beautiful. i love the pic of you and your hubs :D

  6. Thanks Barbara! Hmmm, my hubby took quite alot of photos that night, hehe ;)

  7. Hi Hayley,

    Wow! a big day for your friend huh. Last week I was busy preparing for my little brother's wedding too.

    And romantic ah? you and your husband hugging each other. So cute...

  8. Willie, haha thanks...
    My hubby was way too excited that day :P

  9. Glad you enjoyed the night with BDS. I, too, like your personal pic (aka your profile pic).

    The bride is so young :O Hehe, congrats to them once again!

  10. Yvonne, hehe thanks ;)
    Yep, she is so young right!

  11. I liked the photo that you liked too, you are beautiful with very attractive eyes(frankly)!;D

  12. Alice Law, thanks! Thats the power of make up, muahaha :D

  13. all lenglui and lengzhai. heheh. you and ur hubby so loving o! congraz to ur friend on the marriage!

  14. goldflower86, on behalf of the newly wed, thanks ;)


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