Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I think most of you had an enjoyable and happening Christmas, right? As for me, I dint really celebrate.... However, I engaged in my favourite hobby, singing! haha :D

1st of all.....
a nice thoughtful Christmas gift from one of my gal friend, Cherry. sweett~

a picture of hubb and I (my favourite photo)

and a photo of us girls ^^
l-r: Karen, Sze Leng (new friend), Cindy, Tingki, yours truly

alcohol takes effect, hubb started to do crazy things like lift me up =_="

and a sweet kiss as Christmas gift? thats it??

yum seng~

lovely couples

so we sang, took some photos, played some dice games and the guys drink

last but not least....

guess what? Its milo with beer, dare to challenge? =_=
(I hope you dint puke after seeing this photo.....)

It was already 2am when we left, thats how I celebrated my Christmas this year. Though it wasnt really a big celebration, but I spent it with my best buddies and we had fun! Dont worry, hubb dint drink and drive, I drove in the end :)


  1. Aww... that's the best Christmas gift, eh? A kiss from hubby ... *envious*

    For one moment I thought I saw pills beside the glasses. But then you mentioned about dice games :p

  2. Alcohol is a good antiseptic. So, after he kissed you on the cheek, i bet you won't have any pimple grow on that area for the next 6 months. Wakakakaka!

  3. Going out and having a good time with friends is considered celebrating already :)
    As for us, we went for a 12-hour mall-hopping shopping spree as usual hehe :p

  4. Yvonne, LOL, you thought those were the pills? :P

    Yan, haha I dont know wo! Thanks for informing me, muahahah :D

    ChloeRuoyi, 12 hours? Wah, cannot imagine lo =_=
    Anyway hope you bought lotsa things!

  5. omg milo and beer looks come sort of... dung lol eww

  6. XCB, haha, thats the same expression I had when I see it, ewwww~

  7. Hi Hayley, love the pics here. And you sure got one very loving hubby.
    Great pics.....and very nice looking friends too.
    From Canada, wishing you and hubby the very best of Seasons greetings and a very happy new year.
    Stay beautiful, Lee.

  8. oh what a fun celebration :) i like the photo of your hubby giving you a kiss :) so how did the milo beer taste? good ah?

  9. Haha, the alcohol can get effect so fast hor??? You and your hub so 'dang dui'!

  10. Wah, such a nice Christmas gathering! I feel dizzy by just looking at the Milo cum Beer drink... >_<"

  11. Lee, thanks and thats very sweet of you! ^^
    I wish you and family Happy New Year as well~ Take care!

    Barb, hehe thanks ;) Erm, I dint taste the milo beer, dare not =_= But hubby said it tasted just like milo...

    Mummy Moon, haha thank you!

    Alice Law, feel dizzy? haha! It looks kinda disgusting ho!

  12. Hayley, there's a SYT in yellow dress in my sidebar, looks like you, *wink*.
    I when seeing her pic was thinking where have I seen her face, scratched my head, and Holy Smoke, remembered it's you, ha ha.
    Stay beautiful, Hayley and have a nice day, Lee.

  13. Hi Hayley....you seen her? What I tell you....you look like her, she looks like you. *Wink*.
    Incidentally she's if I'm not mistaken one of Indonesia's top models!

    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  14. Lee, LOL...
    I've visited your blog, I saw 2 ladies in yellow dress, which one you refering to? The one with black long hair or the one holding a mic in her hands? haha ;)
    Anyway, thats very sweet of you! You definetely brighten up my day ^^
    Please take care ya~

  15. wow~ a lovely xmas present from lovely hubby huh... so good!!! ;)

  16. Hi Hayley....the one without the mic....Yellow, fitting dress. Long hair, like yours, same hairstyle too.
    Thats why I knew I've seen her before....YOU! Ha ha.
    Check again, *wink*. Sure looks like you. Lee.

  17. Evelyn, haha thanks ;)

    Lee, I know already ;)
    But I dont think we look alike, haha, plus, she definetely got a hotter body :P

  18. Aww....what a great gathering you had there! So nice arr to be with the company of great friends...

    Nice! :D

  19. Erika, yep, friends are forever!


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