Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear John 2010

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Starring: Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried

This is a romantic drama about a soldier, John (Channing Tatum), who falls for a college student, Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) in just 2 weeks time. However, they had to go through a tough time of separation when John needs to attend to his army mission. They have been writing to each other until a day Savannah stops writing. She finds someone else and is engaged... But in the end, they meet again and I guess their love continues....

Actually the storyline is just plain (I watch it because of Channing Tatum :P), there're few scenes in this movie I felt quite touching though.
I actually like romantic love story, I guess most girls do.... especially if the actor is handsome, muahahah :D

Rate: 3.5/5


  1. Hey,never heard of Charning Tatum before, must google him and check check otherwise people might think i am jakun,,,,, really must keep up lah, so afraid next time my boys ask me this, i say don't know, ask me that, i say don't know, how to strengthen the bond, right?

  2. Eugene, haha ya, go google him, he is one good looking actor famous in the movie Step Up and G.I.Joe....

  3. I seldom watch romantic films, unless I spot them on Astro. These movies are a big no-no to my hubb, thus I can't catch them on cinema *sigh* But my hubb doesn't mind watching comedy+romantic, like Shallow Hal or There's something about Mary.

    Like Pearl Harbour, he also doesn't like to watch because of the romance scene *slap forehead*

  4. Yvonne, my hubb also the same, I guess most guys prefer action movies. As for this one, I watched this by myself alone =_=

  5. Hi Hayley,

    Just manage to be in town for a while and to surf the net. I am still in kpg. Oh well, I have gone through your vacation photos and you really had a blast huh? I really like the wax museum. They really should have it in Malaysia.

    Will be back online again maybe in Jan 2011. And by the way, maybe you should re-link my blog to yours. I think something is wrong with my blog that u can't get an update of my blog.

    See yeah!

  6. Hai Willie, hope you're doing great there!
    Yep, Msia should have one wax museum, haha ;)
    I've re-linked your blog, I guess its ok now~

  7. Hi Hayley, never knew there is such a movie, ha ha. Only from yours and a few others I learn about what new movies now showing.
    Looks a good show. Lee.

  8. Lee, I'm not aware of this movie too, saw this in the DVD shop the other day and quickly grabbed it, cause of my handsome Channing Tatum, haha :D
    Have a great day ya!

  9. What is the ending? Happily ever after or not?

  10. Yan, the ending ar? Hmm, they meet each other after some times and thats the end of the movie, so I guess is a happy one lo! ^^

  11. haha~have to find out this movie~

  12. hahaha. this movie dun hold my interest. i only watch not even 5 minute then i off it already. i hv it in my hard disk

  13. Amanda is the girl who acted in Mama Mia! right? She has one of the sweetest voice I've ever heard.

    And I love her face too. Not typical type of beauty but very unique and sweet.

  14. 梦旅飞, ya, review after you watch!

    goldflower86, oh why? You doesnt like love story?

    YT, yep, she's in Mama Mia.. she's petite but very sweet~

  15. I know the girl but I don't know the guy. I don't quite like romantic movies but I was drwan to Twilight Saga : New Moon on Star Movies the other day...quite nice leh..hehe.

  16. Mummy Gwen, I dint watch that one.. hehe.
    Nice is it because of Robert Pattison? :P

  17. Needless to say it always strike right chord with gal for romantic type for unknown reason to guy!!!

    One of those movie i had not watched yet - argghh so many actually i haven't watch yet when compared to some blogger experiences


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