Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris

Of course the must-visit spot in Paris is the magnicifent Eiffel Tower. we were there on day 3 for both day and night time. perhaps I prayed so hard and finally my dream came true for visiting Eiffel Tower! haha :D It's just so nice and romantic!!

taken in the coach, we're approaching Eiffel Tower!

a nearer shot, Eiffel Tower is about 1063 ft tall

we looked so tiny! ^^

I was told that last time, visitors are not allowed to go up the tower. It has just open for visitors not too long ago I guess... there were a loong queue that day (I guess everyday...) without delays, hubby and I grabbed our tickets from the tour leader and waited in the queue. there're 2 escalators inside the tower, as well as staircases

another great place to see the whole Paris city. needless to say, it was freezing up there!
photo of us!

we also took photo with Eiffel Tower at a farer view
this is one of the concorde we dropped by

and when I took this photo, it was our last day at Paris :(

one last photo of Eiffel in day time. according to our tour leader, one must visit Paris thrice in his lifetime ;)

we too witness how romantic is the tower at night.

both of us

we took the Seine River Cruise, its an one hour cruise trip

it was really cold standing outside, but still, must snap and snap!

inside the cruise, every seats are equipped with an audio phone system which explains about the buildings we passed by
last but not least, spectacular night view of Eiffel Tower. We also saw the beautiful blinking blue light!

p/s: my Paris post is almost to an end... please stay tune to read more about London! ^^


  1. Hayley, Eiffel Tower is too beautiful. The pictures say a lot, but can conclude in one word, AWESOME.

  2. Nice, magnificent, beautiful!!! A well worth visit!

  3. Eiffel Tower at night is so beautiful. Yes..must take lots of pics. :)

  4. awww. i dunno whether i will hv chance to see this or not. so beautiful

  5. wao~ great trip!!!

    yup, i very busy for this few week.
    no time to update blog.
    just finish the final exhibition,now is preparing for bakery shop,rushing for opening^^

  6. Yan, agree! ;)

    ChrisAu, planning for a trip too? ^^

    Mummy Gwen, yes, the night view is so nice! Cannot miss taking photos of it..

    goldflower86, well who knows right! :)

    Hwi Yee, take good care of yourself.. hope to see more updates from you!

  7. Eiffel tower is awesome especially at night when it lights up! So magical and so dreamy!

    Why must one visit Eiffel thrice? Is there a special reason?

  8. YT, yes! So romantic right! even romantic to witness it with your loved ones! Erm, not sure why but thats what the tour leader told us.. hehe :P

  9. This is indeed one magnificent post! Almost every pic you posted has some part of the tower :D

    The night view is very romantic.

  10. Yvonne, yes, must grab the chance to take more photos! Oh by the way, I posted a video in FB too, the night view of Eiffel Tower..

  11. The "both of us" picture and the 2nd pictures are absolutely stunning!^-^

  12. Alice, thanks! I like those too ;)

  13. The night view of the Eiffel Tower is so beautiful! Love it :)

  14. ChloeRuoyi, yaya, everybody loves it ^^

  15. night view of Eiffel Tower is so beautiful. I hope to go Paris one day :P

  16. Mummy Moon, hmm, pray hard... hopefully one day your dream comes true!!


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