Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Famous places to visit at London

Continuation of my London trip.....

We went to Windsor Castle on the 2nd last day at London, its the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, and also the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen.

10 in the morning, and it was cold!

we need to walk abit to the castle, and I took the chance to snap this photo

dear with the castle at the back

we were given an earphone with audio system which explains the sections of the castle

The Queen was not in the castle during our visit, if she's there, the flag will be different

no photos are allowed in the castle, so took more photos outside to compensate, haha

In the castle, we visited sections like Queen Mary's miniature dolls house, masterpieces of Royal collection, the Drawings gallery, meeting rooms, semi state rooms and so on....

more photos after the castle visit

salute the guard, no expression and must stand still there

more of us~

we managed to see the change of guard which take place at 11am on even numbered days. the guard is so fierce, my friend tried to stand nearer to snap photo and the guard shouted 'Back Off!' =_=

Besides the famous Windsor Castle, we also dropped by the Buckingham palace, which is the official London residence of the British Monarch.
1st, a photo of me with the York flag, haha
we dint visit the palace, only managed to snap photos at its surroundings
hubby and I with Lawrence (top) and uncle Philip (bottom), both good friend of FIL
last photo before we left the palace

Of course, a London trip is not perfect without visiting the famous Tower Bridge.
thats the Tower Bridge behind us, many mistaken its the London Bridge (from the song London bridge is falling down.......) As for London Bridge, its just a normal bridge connecting city of London and Southwark. I dint manage to snap its photo because the view is quite far from here...

we dint experience the walkways, only managed to take photos from here
the bridge lifts hundred of times every year
last but not least, photos of us around the tower bridge area

Just one more post to go, it'll be a brief post of shopping at London ;)


  1. So, where did the Queen go if she wasn't in her castle? I've always thought king and queen live in castle, despite it's 21st century now. Kakaka!

    p/s: How does London bridge look like?

  2. nice photos :) we didn't go to the windsor castle last time. actually i don't even know where it is :D we only went to the the Buckingham palace plus the tower bridge etc. Can't wait to see the shopping posts :D

  3. love the tower bridge photos! It's lovely.

  4. I didn't go to the Windsor Castle, the rest yes... and I totally love Tower of London because of the many exhibitions they have.

    Nice pics. I enjoy reading ur blog and it makes me wanna go London again!!!

  5. Yvonne, hmm, I heard she was in somewhere else that time when we were there...
    London bridge is just a normal looking bridge, haha ;)

    Barb, thanks!
    Windsor castle is quite far from the city.. about 30-40 mins journey I think..

    AngelineBK, yaya, the night view is even nicer!

    YT, hey!
    Yaya, I like Tower of London too~

  6. The castle is really old and what an experience to actually see a real castle...awesome.

    Your pics are so nice...make me wanna go Europe..hehe..but expensive lah.

    Can't wait to see what you bought in London. :)

  7. The Windsor Castle looks really majestic. It looks so ancient, I keep imagining they have knights inside hehe.

    You are lucky to be able to see the change of guards. We went at the wrong timing so missed it.

  8. Mummy Gwen, save enough money now and plan for a trip there la... ;)

    ChloeRuoyi, yes, lots of knives and armours in there! The change of guard is very quick, luckily we waited for them on time ;)

  9. beautiful scenery there! sobs i hope i will be able to visit there one day, cnt wait for ur shopping post. lol

  10. goldflower86, who knows right! One day you might get to go!

  11. Beautiful castles and tower bridge, I reckon those are the 'must go' places during a London tour!^-^

  12. Alice Law, yep! Its even better to visit the Tower Bridge at night cause the night view is spectacular~


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