Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kose transformation

I joined the rest of my colleagues for the Kose make over which happens now at Taiping Sentral. I've joined the classical make up organized by Ivy in Sept this year and now, I joined this which the theme is Japanese Kimono (I paid RM30 for the makeover, which inclusive of an A4 size photo).

in progress. thats Eon, the hair stylist who came from KL

this is Ruriko, make up artist for the makeover. Everybody loves her skill, so professional

another photo with Eon

close up to my eye make up, I'm not sure is this consider smokey or contour? But whatever it is, I like it! my eyes are instantly bigger!

thats me posing with white kimono and pink umbrella, thanks Amy (my Finance colleague) who snapped the photos for me

another one

besides kimono, I also took some photos with casual wear

the actual results?

after some photoshopped

this one I enlarged to 8R size

I picked one with the casual wear (leopard printed vest provided by Kose) Yan said, if this picture were to stick at the pub entrance, sure attract lots of males that night, muahahah :D

back home, I cant help but to camwhore kao kao, hahah :D

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the makeover, just that the hairstyle looks abit messy (not what I expected though)

When I showed hubby the 8R photo and asked him how was it, he answered 'this one is not pure Japanese style also!' =_=
And when asked 'sui bo?', he said 'of course sui la, my wife ma.....' =_="" I guess he was just entertained me with this short and simple answer, because he is lazy to say more and he knows I'd be very happy to hear it, LOL :D

So, which one you think nicer?
p/s: Yvonne and Yan went to the makeover too ^^


  1. I see a japanese gal leh...Mei, nice photo!

  2. You look like a Japanese pretty. All the pics also nice. I also like your self portrait...the last one...hehe.

  3. I like the casual wear one. You looked wild and hot in the leopard printed vest.

  4. Kakaka, I like Yan's humor and your hubby's full support! But I like the most is the casual wear one ^_^

  5. AngelineBK and Mummy Gwen, haha thanks ya! ^^

    Yan and Yvonne, I think the casual one is more like me, LOL :D

  6. you look so pretty Hayley. i love all your photos :)

  7. Now i really know, why ladies bloggers have so much to blog about,,, look at you gals,Kose make over,,,,,, many of you did that, didn't you ladies,,

    to be frank,you gals look so different than your other pictures..

    i hope next time they have man's make over,, i want i want, not in kimono for sure,, but in superman suit,, hahahahhaha

    you look so orientally beautiful

  8. Barb, thank you!!

    Eugene, haha yes, ladies have alot to do..
    Look different?? Well, thats the power of make up and photoshop :P
    Anyway, thanks ;)

  9. I like the last picture of yours in leopard print vest. Sexy and chic. :)

  10. Inspired Momx1, haha thank you~

    Miss Woody, thanks for dropping by!

  11. I love the leopard 1~~ very sexy and pretty~

  12. Evelyn, LOL, I scored more votes for the casual wear.. guess Kimono is just not right for me, hahaha :D

  13. i like the casual wear more....
    the kimono is good too but i think if the hair style make straight u will be more like the Japanese doll, then will be nice..

  14. Vinnie, thanks ;)
    My fringe is too long so cannot set straight.. hehe ^^

  15. Your picture in a leapord vest looked like a professional model!So cool yet gorgeous!

    Have a nice day!

  16. Alice Law, oh really? haha, thanks!
    You too, have a great weekend!

  17. look like a model lah u~ hehehehe.pretty!
    maybe u shud cnsider changing job lor. hehehelove the leopard one.

  18. Yeah, very sui lah you :P

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :P

  19. goldflower86, haha thanks! Changing job to become a model? haha I'm not tall enough =_=

    Mummy Moon, thanks!! ;)


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