Monday, December 6, 2010

Last day at Paris...

Just one more post to go about Paris. on the last day, we walked about 10 mins from Marriot Hotel to the Arc de Triomphe to snap a closer look of it.

the Arc with beautiful architecture

us there

someone kind enough to take this photo for us

we walked pass a Peugeot car showroom and took some photos with their concept cars

some camwhoring in the washroom, LOL

us at Brasserie restaurant, during lunch

yours truly

surrounding the restaurant is some fashion boutiques and cafes

after spending 3 days at Paris, its time for us to bid farewell T_T we boarded Eurostar to head to London.
the landing card, Eurostar station is like a kastam for us to check in all the luggages

at the station

the speed of this bullet train is about 300km per hour. it took us about 2 hours to reach London

last but not least, hubby and I in the cosy Eurostar

Thats about my trip to Paris, city of light and romance. I really really love this place and hopefully, one day I'll be there again, haha :D

p/s: thanks for following me and I shall blog about London next ;)


  1. May be you can visit Paris again in your 5th year Anniversery. Thanks for sharing the nice pictures in Paris.

  2. Eurostar is comfortable and fast! Anticipating to read ur London posts. I love London as much as Paris :)

  3. The street in Paris is extremely clean and tidy. I hardly find a single rubbish in your photos :O

    I wonder what's the experience with bullet train. Never been on land for such speed before :p

  4. Yan, haha, 5th year ar? Will consider that :P

    YT, yaya, Eurostar is really comfy, I slept all the way :P

    Yvonne, you're right! They're well educated to not litter anywhere. Erm, Eurostar is like LRT perhaps? hehe, but way faster and less noise ;)

  5. wow..i cant wait to go Europe!! it is one of my dream trips..

  6. Reanaclaire, well, you can start planning for one now!!

  7. You could be a model. :) I'm mesmerized by the photos. The bathroom is really elegant..haha. Gold trimmings everywhere..nice.

  8. Mummy Gwen, yes, the washroom is very palace-inspired.
    haha thank you! To be honest with you, I used to dream about being a model when I was young, LOL :D

  9. can consider looking for a job there and live there. hehehehe.

  10. It's so hard to say goodbye... ya, can always plan a trip here again (maybe with kids haha) since you loved it so much :)

  11. Hi Hayley, so...can you sing that song, 'I love Paris'? Ha ha.
    Beautiful your winter jacket....looks like can tahan North Pole cold too, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  12. goldflower86, haha, quite hard though...

    ChloeRuoyi, well, who knows right.. can consider it ;)

    Lee, thanks! I love that jacket too, very thick and can tahan North Pole cold too I think, haha ^^

  13. Must be very hard to say goodbye to the City of Lights huh? Can't wait to read about London. I miss this city :D

  14. Barb, yes, just cannot believe time flies when we were at vacation :(
    Ok, please stay tune ^^

  15. It's indeed an unforgetable romantic trip for both of you! Well, everything comes to an end, but memories stay!^-^

  16. Alice, ya, to be honest I really miss the time we were there! :(


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