Tuesday, December 7, 2010

London, when we arrived

After the 2 hours Eurostar journey, we finally reached London!! :D

random photos in the airport, our tour members were busy grabbing the SIM card as its really cheap to call back to Malaysia, I heard its like 30-40cent per minute!

London Chinatown!! ahh finally something closer to us ;)

night view here, lots of chinese restaurants, as well as a Malaysian restaurant called Rasa Sayang, felt so homey ;)

another random shot

red telephone booth everywhere, newspapers here are free for everyone!

Hilton, the hotel we stayed at London, checked in that night and called it a day ;)

the hotel room, toiletries from Crabtree & Evelyn, not bad eh?

early morning, it was even colder here in London compared to Paris, brrr.....

thanks hubby for snapping these photos

double decker buses everywhere, so convenient! and thats hubby posing with a Bentley car

continue to the sightseeing tour, we went to the Big Ben

and the London eye, which consists of 32 egg-shaped capsules. I was told by the tour guide that some people chose to propose to their partner in the wheel, how romantic! the whole wheel spin is about 1 hour

us with the London eye behind

we also visited Westminster Abbey, a place to honor the soldiers who fought and die for the country

alot of cards with the soldiers' names

yours truly

we also passed by the Queen Elizabeth conference center

p/s: we went to Chelsea Football Club too, stay tune for the blog post!


  1. London is also so beautiful. All the scenes, I can only view it in the TV. Your pictures are really an eye opener for me

  2. The Hilton in KL also provides C&E toiletries, I think it's standard worldwide :)

    Did you ride on the London Eye? I don't think the ride lasted 1 hour... got that long ar? I can't remember haha.

  3. Yan, thanks, lots of them coming up ^^

    ChloeRuoyi, I dint ride on it, no time. According to the tour guide, its about 1 hour, because it spin very slowly ;)

  4. @Hayley OMG! London is LOVE!

    I went on the London Eye, the view was quite amazing and yes, I think wedding proposals up there are super romantic!!!

    I've not been to Chelsea. Can't wait to read ^^

  5. YT, yes, will be very romantic and unforgettable, especially at night, with all the spectacular night view! haha ;)

  6. The red phone booth!! I thought it's for decorative purpose. Never knew it is their trademark there :)

    And free newspapers? WOW! They are so rich, keke...

  7. Yvonne, the telephone booth is for real ;)
    And yes, lots of free newspapers to take, so generous right!

  8. London is such a big and beautiful city. Everything so nice. You must have had a good time shopping!

  9. Mummy Gwen, yes we did ;) Certain brands are cheaper there ^^

  10. I like the pictures of Big Ben clock tower and London Eye, it's beautiful!

  11. Alice, yes! These are some of the must-go places in London!

  12. there was no London Eye when I was in London, you could imagine how many years back. :DD

  13. Agnes, the London eye is built in year 2000. So I guess it must be more than 10 years already? :P


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