Thursday, December 9, 2010

A morning at CFC

One of the planned destination in the itinerary is Cambridge University, but due to certain reasons and feedbacks, the tour changed the destination to Chelsea Football Club (CFC).
I'm not a fan of any soccer team, but wont mind visit the pitch and the stadium ;)

welcome to CFC! this is an English professional football club based in west London

hubby posing happily

there's a big Adidas store there

thats Mr Ledger, the club tour leader who brought us around the stadium

the big stadium

highly maintained pitch, and visitors are not allowed to ever step on the pitch

the seats

hubby and me while listening to Mr Ledger's speech

we visited their home changing room, with the players' jerseys hanging inside. there's also massage room, pantry, a big washroom for the players

with Mr Ledger again, he's such a friendly and funny guy!

more random shots around the stadium. Chelsea has been successful in Europe by winning the UEFA cup twice.

us with the couple from KL

there're also some merchandise display inside the stadium

We just spent few hours there, snapped some photos, and visited the Adidas store. hubby bought a Chelsea jersey for BIL, with Frank Lampard name on it, which cost us about £66 (RM300++) =_= If you buy the jersey without the player's name, then its about £43 (RM213).


  1. Worth it to get a jersey from there! :D

  2. This was a great experience for you and a must go place in London.

  3. The tour will not be complete,without a visit to any of the top notch football clubs in England, right?

  4. Your hubby is like a little boy entering a candy store. He is so happy posing in CFC, wakakaka! Is he a Chelsea fan?

  5. wow, so fast went to cambridge? no more in london?

  6. AngelineBK, well, the price doesnt differ alot compare to Malaysia..

    Yan, yes true! Even better if I meet the real team players, LOL :D

    Eugene, some of the tour members like it, because they're real Chelsea fans ;)

    Yvonne, haha I like how you described :D Nop, I dont think he is a Chelsea fan..

    Barbara, nop we dint went to Cambridge University, I think its because some of the tour members complain there's nothing much to see there...

  7. What a unique experience. Although I'm not a football fan, I think I will also feel excited going there :)

  8. ChloeRuoyi, yes, its a great experience to see how the real stadium looks like, compare to what we see in the TV ;)

  9. So your Hubby is a Chelsea fan? The stadium is so nice. It's a great experience actually. The jersey is expensive but worth the buy.

  10. Mummy Gwen, he's not a Chelsea fan... Just excited for nothing, LOL :D
    Yep, the jersey's quality is good, at least worth the money...

  11. 梦旅飞, 算是啦。。不过我们是sponsored-trip ;)

  12. Hai HitomiNeko, yea the trip was fun and memorable!

  13. Wow, the invincible Chelsea! You two experienced such a priviledge that most Chelsea fans dream of!

  14. Alice Law, yes!
    I think this one is better and nicer than visiting Cambridge University...

  15. Ooooh man, I would like to go to such stadium lor! Especially the MU one!!!

  16. Shirlexia, you're a big MU fan huh?!

  17. My ex-bf said he wanted to go Manchester when we go honeymoon next year... much to my horror hahaha.

  18. YT, hey! I guess Manchester will be nice!


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