Thursday, December 23, 2010

My lurve towards karaoke

After attending Boon and Pei's wedding reception, some of us went for 2nd round of entertainment at New Box Karaoke.
I'm alright with karaoke anytime simply because I love to sing!! :D

some of us that night (yep, I was the only lady)

joining the guys to sing along...

they had tones of fun singing and shouting! (you know la, the alcohol effects) And thats Jackie dancing in front

same goes to my hubby who doesnt sing AT ALL last time

you see you see, syok sendiri :P

hubby used to dislike going karaoke last time because he doesnt sing. However, (I think) he started to like it now after much influence from his gang

duet with him ^^

photos credit to Jackie (who is now back to Sabah)


some people got tired eventually, and some people were still full with energy

It was already 1am, and hubby gotto work the next day......

so we bid farewell to the gang.... I was smart enough to apply first half day leave in advance for the next day, kekekeke :P

So do you and your partner like singing?


  1. I am curious why the guys all donned black t, some kind of a cult follower hahahahah?

    hey, don't drink and drive ya

  2. It's kind of pity you didn't publish video of your joyful karaoke session!

    I don't really sing, but my husband enjoys singing a lot!^-^

  3. We like sing so much!! but long time dint go K liao coz he always busy work lately! =(

  4. what an enjoyable time. i like to sing too but with close friends. my hubs can only sing one or two songs and is always out of tune :D

  5. I sing only when with close friends. Not so loosen up with friends of friend around. Moreover I'm not a good singer... paiseh to torture strangers with my lousy singing, LOL!

  6. Eugene, LOL, if you've been following me, we joined a gang called Black Dog Society (BDS), so the black tee is our official tee :P

    Alice, we dint record a video also, everyone busy singing!! :P

    Evelyn, oh pity you... but you can go with your friends?

    Barb, haha who cares out of tune?? as long as we enjoy!

    Yvonne, nvm, practice makes perfect! Most importantly is we enjoy and happy ma....

  7. I used to frequent karaoke a lot during my single days... but hubby is the opposite. :)

  8. My Hubby doesn't like singing. I used to go with my friends when I was still not anymore.

  9. Hello Hayley, very nice pics. You looking good in all the pics too. And thats a very nice dress you wearing.
    So? What were the songs you all singing?

    We too love karaoke and have it at home for when we have parties.
    Our karaoke collection of songs mostly oldies.
    My wife too loves to sing, has a good voice and loves that song, 'Don't cry for me Argentina'.

    Me, I love that Elvis songs, 'Are you lonesome tonight' as well Englebert Humperdinck's 'Please release me, last waltz'.

    Can see you all really having fun, and good of hubby to now join in too.
    Wishing you and hubby the best of Christmas, Lee.

  10. I like to sing but I'm too shy to sing in public, even with close friends or family... so K is not for me hehe.

  11. Inspired Momx1, weird huh? Most guys doesnt like singing =_=

    Mummy Gwen, sometimes its fun to singing with a bunch of good friends too!

    Lee, haha thank you!
    Erm, I sang mostly Mandarin songs from Angela Chang (张韶涵), Kay Tse (谢安琪), and sometimes Cantonese songs ;)
    Wow, I love that song Dont cry for me Argentina, looking forward to hear your wife sing it :P
    You take care and Merry Christmas to you and family!!

    ChloeRuoyi, well I think it takes some times/effort to 'warm up', just dont be shy and try to join the crowd..... ;)

  12. i never sing in k. haahaha. i guess i am shy type lor, furthermore if go k, many the wanna be singer can't let go the mic yunno. hehehe

  13. goldflower86, well thats one concern if going with a group of friends.. but then we always take turns la ;)

  14. see you really enjoyed yourself there Harley. wished I could hear you sing.

  15. Johnnie L, yep, it was an enjoyable night ;)
    Oh by the way, my name's HaYley ^^

  16. Me love Karaoke too!!! But my ex-bf (hahaha, current hubby I mean) doesn't.

    But I hv my own gang to go out singing/shouting (hahaha) with :)

  17. YT, its fun to sing with a group of good friends! Can shout as we like ;)


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