Monday, December 20, 2010

Of friends and food

The newly wed (Boon and Pei) invited us to a simple dinner celebration last Friday, at Soon Soon Lye restaurant, as to show his appreciation towards our helps in making their BIG day so happening and fun! haha :D

And now, I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

1. satay prawns

2. deep fried sweet sour chicken

3. ku lou yok with yam (yam is my favourite!)

4. deep fried sotong

5. curry prawns with bun

6. stir fry yao mak

7. clear vege soup

8. oo kao pai kut (Guinness pork rib)

And now, some photos of us who attended that night...
little Zhi Yi, baby of Tony and Cheery


boy and girls

hmmm guess you know who :P

lastly, a photo of us the girls to end the post

we're looking forward to this 31st Dec as we're heading down to KL in 3 cars. This will be the 2nd official event of Black Dog Society (BDS)! Our 1st event was to Cameron Highland which you can read here.


  1. dblchin shouts :" I WANT SATAY PRAWNS!!!"

  2. I already clicked 'Like' for Satay Prawn(on FB)!^-^

  3. Wow, the food is different from what we usually order :O Special~ especially that satay prawn!

  4. dblchin, haha come Taiping and I'll bring you there to try...

    Alice, yes I saw it ;)

    Yvonne, yes, the satay prawn is not bad, can try order it next time ;)

  5. Good food and leng luis ! Heaven !!

  6. bumped into this blog while browsing the internet :) dropping to say Hi!!!
    Soon Soon Lye is one of the better restaurants there in Puchong! glad that all of you had a great time!

  7. i same like you too. hehehe. love the yam. the baby so cute, hehehhe when ur time hayley? maybe u can turn this into mummy blog. lol.

  8. oo kao pai kut looks appetizing to me.
    Haha, I like the name of your society (Black Dog Society). Is this "oo kao pai kut" the food trademark for your society?

  9. thule, hai there, thanks for dropping by~
    There's a Soon Soon Lye at Puchong? hehe, this one is at Taiping ^^

    goldflower86, yes she's cute! me? well, soon! haha ;)

    Shenny's mommy, LOL, oo kao pai kut not our trademark, our trademark is Guinness Stout =_=

  10. aha... ur pix did a lot of talking! i'm so hungry now.. ooooooooo ... >_<!!!!!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  11. HitomiNeko, hehehe, almost lunch time now!!

  12. Sareezfashions, those were yummy!

  13. Too yummy for words! Hey, you made me so hungry, I had to go and grab a few cookies hehe...

  14. ChloeRuoyi, LOL... so did you had your late supper? :P

  15. Food looks good. I am hungry now!!!

  16. YT, haha :D So what food did you have??

  17. Oh my....I've nothing to say...just a lot of saliva this time... Ahahaha! xP

    Yum yum....


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