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Shopping at Paris

In this post, I'm going to share my shopping experience at Paris (my most favourite thing to do!)
By the time we were there, 1€ is about RM4.32.

we stayed at Marriot Hotel (one of the 5 star hotel there). This beautiful hotel is located at the busy Champs-Elysees (pronounce as 'sham say lee say').

some syok-sendiri shots in the hotel room :P From the hotel room window, I can see a nice garden view

just walk out from the hotel and you can see this famous monument of Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, it's to honor for those who fought and die for France (did you notice the volume of the vehicles?)

this shot is taken as early as 8.30am, the traffic is still ok

night view of Champs-Elysees (everywhere in Paris is just so clean. the French are well educated to not litter anywhere, I hardly found a dustbin along the street but yet, the road is so clean! salute!)

there're lots of shopping centers/boutiques/cafes/offices at this street

as well as pharmacies

Sephora, just next to the hotel. its a big store selling all types of perfumes and skin care products

more photos there

and this is the main attraction in Champs-Elysees, a 6 storeys high LV store! Its said to be the headquarter. dont you feel like bringing the whole building back? :P

bought something from there ^^ Depending on models, you can save about RM300-RM400 compare to buying here in Malaysia. However, due to the high demands, the store actually limits the stocks. one passport can only buy one Lv handbag. if you can get what you want, you're consider lucky enough. Most of their customers are Asian like Malaysian, China and Japan

besides shopping at Champs-Elysees, we also went to Galeries Lafayette, its another well known shopping mall there in Paris. as Xmas is approaching, they started to put up some Xmas decor. there are several live window display with different themes, very nice! We also went to Printemps, another famous shopping mall

Galeries Lafayette, always crowded. There are brands like Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Longchamp, Miu Miu, Lv and so on....

So, to summarize what I bought in Paris (some already distributed to friends):
some chocolates for my parents/friends/colleagues (some are not in the picture)

souvenir keychains for colleagues, and an Eiffel Tower

some Loccitane products, H&M body spray, Sephora footspray, Dior concealer

last but not least, some clothes from Naf Naf, a black tee of Eiffel Tower (not in the picture), a Longchamp bag (not in the photo) and my proudest purchase, Lv Stresa PM handbag,


  1. The LV is nice. staying @ Marriott surely not cheap.. My fren who went to Paris last week, her bag snapped by those black guy. Just arrived Paris, then took train and kena snapped there. her estimate lost is more than 10k. so charm... really need to be extra kful when travel to Paris. Erm.. actually Paris got many black people 1 ar?

  2. Wow! Looking at your shopping loots, I am so envy. Naf Naf, Longchamp, Beauty products and LV bag. Which woman won't scream at these ah?

  3. WAHHH! Grab so many loots from Paris, and the loudest is surely that LV bag! *Ahem* I heard it's a gift from your hubby. He's such a generous and wonderful man. Envious~

  4. Yvon S, thanks ;)
    Actually, my tour guide reminded us all the time, to beware of pickpockets. Paris has many different types of races, not only the whites. There're quite alot black people too. Sorry to hear about your friend's incident, we really must be careful when travelling to France. We dont know how fast those pickpockets/thieves can perform their job.

    Yan, ya, Paris is a great place to shop for branded also, and some of their local brands are nice as well ;)

    Yvonne, haha consider also. I personally like the bag too!

  5. You are really good in shopping! I don't really fancy bags or clothes or beauty products... so I don't really shop overseas haha. But I still like those stuff u bought there, esp the chocolates :)

  6. Paris definitely a shopping paradise!

  7. wow~ I like the keychain, chocolate and bag too... ^^

  8. ChloeRuoyi, haha, the chocolates are nice, but too sweet though..

    AngelineBK, yes! Must bring enough money haha :D

    Evelyn, hehe thank you!

  9. I was super ultra effing broke when i went to Paris and I din get anything from there except some keychains for my friends :(

    But wow! U've got yourself some really nice stuff.Most gals who got back from Paris will get at least ONE branded bag there (usually LV) except ME (who was like super broke).

  10. waaa how many thousand you finish on your trip???? envy you .hehehehe

  11. When I see that LV store pic, I know you must have bought something..hehe...must buy right. :P I'm so envy of your shopping loot. ^_^

  12. YT, oh why dint you bring enough money! Feeling broke in a trip is very sad right, I understand.
    Haha true, all my tour members also carried a bag when we back, Lv, Burberry, Gucci etc..

    goldflower86, hehe, I spent about RM9k for all shopping loots... =_=

    Mummy Gwen, ya, must buy! Next time you go France, you can consider to buy Lv also! ^^

  13. woo hoo...what a nice shopping loot you got. *envy envy * :D

  14. LV neh~

    bad news...

  15. 梦旅飞, 对咯。。货有限,没办法。。

  16. Hi Hayley,

    I'll probably have to miss a few of your entries because I'm going back to kampung for a few days. But never mind, I'll read whatever I miss later.

    Now you mentioned about shopping? I envy you for being able to shop there considering the currency is RM4.32. It has never changed since I last worked in Amsterdam in 2004. Thank goodness i was paid in USD.

    Now this time, judging the photos, i think the weather was fine. Thank goodness there wasn't any jam at 8.30 am right. Even in Kuching, the traffic is crazy at 7.00 am.

    But Hayley, u know what? can I have some of your chocolate and the keychain? I love.......them. MUahahaha! Just kidding! And one good thing about Paris is that, the shops are not grilled. Unlike us in Malaysia, all the shops are close and grilled. It really spoil the view right?

    p/s; the panasonic lumix? It's a good camera.

    Ok Hayleyy, have a nice day.

  17. Willie, now that you mentioned Amsterdam, I know its a beautiful place too!
    Haha no worries, take your time to read.. Hope everything is fine for you~
    Oh really? Here in Taiping, traffic is heavier around 8am...

  18. Not that I didn't bring enough money, more like I don't have money!!!

  19. YT, LOL, nvm la, save more money now!

  20. Lovely shopping loot, I love especially the chocolate biscuits!:)

  21. Alice, the chocolate biscuits are really good, got chocolates and waffles one ;)

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