Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sightseeing tour on day 1

We also visited the Notre Dame Cathedral during the Paris trip. Its a beautiful cathedral built in 1163.

the magnificent building

hubby and I
some random photos taken outside the cathedral. There're lots of pigeons there, all of them are fat and daring!
the beautiful surroundings, this is some black and white effect
weather was nice that day, cold wind with some sunlight

After that, we went inside the cathedral, we were allowed to take photos inside so I'll post some photos of the interior.
French Gothic architecture inside, lots of sculpture and stained glass

alot of sightseeing tour buses on the street. But I didnt have the time to try.. well, perhaps next time! ^^
photo of hubby and I outside the cathedral, before we leave the place

before checking in our hotel, we dropped by the Place de la Concorde Square to take some photos.
one of the building nearby

huge green field
random photos of me
last but not least, an artistic photo of me, LOL


  1. nice :) looks like it's very very cold there :D

  2. I like the picture of you when feeding pigeons. Spotted the nice hat that you wore too.

  3. "fat and daring", hahaha... the pigeons are leading a good life there, despite the cold weather.
    Nice building they have there :)

  4. Barbara, if there's no wind, then the weather still tolerable.. but if there's wind... my whole body shivers......

    Yan, thanks I like that pict too! And that hat is the same one I wore last year during my Japan trip.

    Yvonne, the pigeons there are really fat ler... compare to those in Malaysia, LOL :D

  5. Wah, nice new header :) All your photos are lovely, esp the huge green field. Is it late autumn/early winter? I'm sure your mind is still there although physically, you are sitting in your office here.

  6. so beautiful! looks like europe is the place we should go for our honeymoon hor? very romantic lah.

    have a great day!!
    jen @

  7. Europe in Autumn is beautiful!

    Esp Paris, it goes very very well with the greyish mood of the city. Ah... nice :)

    And u look so sweet in photos :)

  8. CholoeRuoyi, thanks!
    Its early winter when we went, but no snowing yet. haha you read my mind, my mind still travelling around Paris :P

    Jenny, yes!! I'll strongly recommend you to consider Paris, or Rome or Italy ^^

    YT, everything there looks super beautiful~ It's a memorable trip for me ;)

  9. I like your artistic photo..NICE. :) All your pics are so beautiful. My girl would love to run around that huge green field. The pigeons are used to people feeding them meals.

  10. Mummy Gwen, thank you~
    Yes, those pigeons are not afraid of people.. unlike those we see here, haha..

  11. so nice and great place...ur honeymoon so romantic~ *envy* ;)

  12. Evelyn, thanks ;)
    But not need envy la, you sure got chance in the future ^^

  13. Hi Hayley,

    Walla! I just new that Notre Dam is in Paris. If you didn't mention it in your blog, I wouldn't know. And wow! you have arranged your photos well. Now I can see more photos. Hmmm...but it seems the weather was bad, since it was cloudy and dark. Was it bad?

    I can see the camera hanging on your hubby's neck. What model is that? so nice la, white in colour some more. And the pigeons were so happy you called them. But did you give them food?

    You know, I wish we have great and beutiful cathedral in Malaysia. I think other than France, Britain has nice cathedral too. I believe it was so cozy and cooling inside right?

    The tour bus? Ahaks! I don't think we can have an open air bus here in Malaysia. We will all burn to death , by the sun, if we sit on the open air bus.

    And the green field is really nice. I'm sure i can take wonderful wedding photos with this setting.

    Oh well Hayley, I hope to read more of your vacation. Happy writing.

  14. very nice photos. love the autumn scene. Paris is a romantic city just right for newly wed :D

  15. Willie, thanks for visiting my blog again;)
    Well, the weather was fine, just that abit too cold, but overall still acceptable. That camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC GF1, its a semi SLR and the photo quality is good!
    Nope, I dint have anything to feed the pigeons, just drew their attention near :P
    Of course its cozy inside the cathedral, but can be quite stuffy if stay in there too long, due to the huge crowd.

    You have a nice day!

    Agnes, thank you! Yes, France is a good place for honeymooners ;)

  16. awww the scenery look beautiful! and the pigeon too! i think they get used to people feeding them. so not afraid of people. heheh

  17. goldflower86, yes! I nearly caught them! haha :D

  18. The last picture is my favourite!;)


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