Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowing Paris

I read paper few days ago that heavy snow storm hit most of the Europe countries. There were some airport closure and flight delays. At that moment, I told hubby that luckily our trip was in Nov and we are all safely back home. Yesterday, I saw in Yahoo homepage that Paris is hit by huge snowfall!

I dont know what its like playing in snow (damn jakun), but from this photo, I think it'll be quite fun! :D

However, I guess it'll be very very cold and we the Asian sure have difficulties coping with it

cars are blocked due to the snow

*All photos taken from here*

But, if you ask me, I'll definetely want to go Paris again (regardless of the season), muahahah :D
Til then, have an awesome weekend! ^^


  1. Paris, I wished I could go one day. :) Luckily you and hubby went a month early. Imagine getting stuck in an expensive city like Paris is no joke..

  2. It was snowing in Holland now too. My daughter was complaining that she missed the chances to play in snow. She wants her papa to bring her there a bit later next year.

  3. oh yeah, i thought of you as soon as i read the Star this morning. I was thinking that luckily you were not caught in the snow storm, otherwise you would miss your flight/train service :) oh, i won't mind some snow right now too :D

  4. Snowing Christmas is only found in my dream, because it is so different here, every day also hot, hot and hot.

  5. In such a short span suddenly the weather changes so drastically. Luckily you were already back before the snow storm. But it would be fun to play in the snow..hehe.

  6. Inspired Momx1, yep. I read news about those who stucked and had to sleep in the airport =_=

    Shenny's mommy, haha, kids definetely love playing in the snow huh!

    Barb, yes luckily! Thank god!

    Yan, agree! Weather is so hot lately, but yet so unpredictable...

    Mummy Gwen, I have never play in the snow before... but like you said, I bet it would be fun! hehe ;)

  7. Snow in Paris is so much fun (minus the heavy jam and delayed flights). I can only have snow in my dreamland. But it's hard to control what I dream of... sometimes I even dream of works and Mr Annoying *&^%*^

  8. Yvonne, LOL, thats normal. I also get a variety of dreams sometimes, haha ;)

    ashton, thanks for dropping by~

  9. Hi Hayley, we now have snow too, and more expected tonight and tomorrow.
    Soon will forget what colour is grass as we will not be seeing grass till April at least.
    Love the pics here.
    Have a great weekend, Lee.

  10. Snow in Paris :)) Tres bien ;)
    Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

  11. wow . so nice .love snow...too bad no snow in malaysia .

  12. I reckon it's fun to visit there during winter... but it also will be darn cold! :)

  13. Lee, hmm, hope you can post more photos of snow in your place ;)

    Sabina, thanks for dropping by~ I've visited your blog, lovely!

    Miss Woody, you love snow ya? ^^

    wintergurl, yes, no snow in Msia. But hey, I guess it's not a bad thing also right!

    Alice Law, yes, and if the snow storm hit, it'd be very dangerous too I think.

  14. love the snow. I still remember went up to this metal giant. Looking at it, I feel like digging out my old time photos, wish to visit paris again.

  15. I am experiencing European "early" winter now...

    Despite the terrifying cold, I find myself enjoying very much. Waiting for more snow (coming soon according to forecast)...

  16. YT, cool~ take more photos k?
    Take care and have fun there!! ^^

  17. Tell you what! Don't you ever play with snow! You'll regret! haha... I mean it's fun to see & touch but not to play.

  18. Kristy, hmm, is it because its freezing cold? hehe...


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