Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First of all, I wanna wish my hubby Happy 2nd Anniversary! Haha, its the 2nd year since our registration ;)
You can view my blog about it here.

Anyway, CNY is approaching and as usual, many people will do their cny shopping, and do some changes from head to toe. I myself went for a hair cut last week, and also dye my hair in copper red ;)

the color is not obvious though, in the photo

and just abit of layer at the bottom

I consider this as my new year hair already, LOL. I always wanted to try for a shorter length but have no guts :P Anyway, I still prefer long hair than short ones ^^
What about you? Have you had your new year hairstyle?


  1. I can see the red more in reality :) Nice color! I planned for a haircut before CNY, but I guess my stylist is fully-booked T_____T

    Maybe I'll trim my own hair and get a real cut afterwards. CNY mah, must have everything new one :p

  2. I will just go for a trim that it is.

  3. To me it's quite intense already. Very nice. Makes you look fairer. :)

    I need rebonding but the process takes long time lah...sien..maybe I just leave it lah..haha.

  4. What?? Not obvious?? I could have spotted the new colour miles away :P
    I have cut my hair one month ++ earlier coz I knew that I wouldn't have time to do so as Keith came end of Dec 2010... now I look like my dad..hahaha!
    So how much damage to the new hairlook??? Have they increased the price already??

  5. Wanted a haircut and dye but dread the waiting time.. Hahaha..

  6. Nice! I used to have your hairstyle too last time :) I'm skipping hair-makeover this year...

  7. Yvonne, haha you better call them to make appointment ;)

    Yan, yes I see your color is still there...

    AngelineBK, thanks ;)

    Mummy Gwen, ya, thats what the stylist said too, I look fairer ;)
    Yes agree, rebonding takes a long time, punggung pun sakit :P

    thule, haha sure can spot me from far? :P
    Its total RM180 including trim and dye ;)

    Inspired Momx1, well, if really ai sui, gotto be patient also :P

    ChloeRuoyi, thanks ;) Oh why? No time?

  8. Nice hair style. I used to have long hair but when the kids came along, short hair is easier to managed.

  9. mNhL, thanks ;)
    Yes I understand, short hair is always easy to manage ^^

  10. NICE!!! Love the color ^^ Makes u look fairer too.

    I don dye and always keep my hair long, so it's kinda boring, not much changes for me. I am considering curls/waves but...

    I think I will remain my plain look this year hahaha.

  11. Hi Hayley, you look like in one of those Hollywood hair shampoo advertisments on TV.
    Your colour is very nice and hairstyle....simply gorgeous!
    You sure one very attractive SWT, ha ha.

    Wishing you and hubby many more anniversaries to come with lots of good health and laughter....
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  12. YT, hehe thank you! I think you'll look nice in curls la! Your hair is long enough!

    梦旅飞, 对,新年新发型 ;)

    Lee, thanks for the compliment ^^
    And thanks for the wishes! Please have a nice day ahead!

  13. Copper red, nice wor... give a bit of notty feel, lol!;D

    Happy wedding anniversary to both of you!

  14. oh very nice! i like the colour and style :D

  15. HiHayley,
    first of all wishing you a belated happy anniversary(it's also yours right?)nice hair, suite you fine(but it is still the same length as before.you just trim only I suppose? sorry I am no good when it comes to this.

  16. Johnnie L, thanks ;)
    Yep, I just trimmed it to layered, hehe :D

  17. Wow, I love the colour! You look good in it! I wonder if it suites me too? Hehe... :P

  18. Erika, well I'm not so sure.. perhaps can check with your hair stylist ;)

  19. Congratulations on two years married! What a blessing. I clicked and saw your wedding fotos. Thank you for sharing this


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