Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost done

Monday is here, which means CNY is just 2 days to go!! :0

So far, I've done with my
CNY shopping,
spring clean my room,
went for a full body massage,
did manicure and pedicure,

purple gelish color for my nails and black+blue for my toes ;)

and a hair spa treatment...

Just one more thing I need to do, preparing ang pao.... =_= Yep, this is the 1st year I distribute ang pao to relatives and friends. Not sure how to describe my feeling now, excited? LOL :D
With all these, I think I'm ready to welcome the year of Rabbit. Now lets pray that my office works will be smooth and no more problems coming.....


  1. I also did almost all you mentioned, except pedi and mani. I guess I will just DIY it. Kiakakkaka.

  2. nice ..... but btw, is black the trend? Isee lots of ladies colour their nails black..hahha
    and, hahha..happy giving angpau!

  3. I like your pedicure with nice graphic design :)

    Of all you mentioned, I only did spring cleaning... Like Yan, I think I'll DIY my nails and hope I can do some last minute CNY clothes shopping.

  4. 今年我什么都没做,就丑丑地过新年! 唯一和你一样要做的,便是准备红包!哈哈~ 其实我蛮兴奋的m毕竟是第一次..哇卡卡!!!
    Wish you have a wonderful new year ^^

  5. OMG OMG OMG! The purple gel nails that I wanted so badly!!! Argh super nice wei!

    And Happy CNY to you :) Hv a nice time distributing ang pow. My last year getting ang pows and I am feeling a tad sad.

  6. nice pedicure and manicure :) hey, i thought during cny, many ppl would go for ang ang colours and flowers? hehehehhee. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  7. Hi Hayley, wayyyy to go! Its all systems go for you and everyone in Malaysia.
    Here its a normal day, but Chinese are allowed a day off work.

    Love your cute colours...and you sure have beautiful nails too.
    Have fun.....go bank get new, nice smelling money...put in your ang paus.
    Kong hei fatt choy.

  8. Wow, nice camera you have got there! I love your pedicure, I meant the vanish design!;D

    Wishing you and your cute hubby a prosperous Rabbit New Year!

  9. Yan, ya, DIY can be fun too!

    ChrisAu, yaya, black is always a trend ^^

    Yvonne, thanks!
    Oh you havent got any new year clothes?

    Evelyn, 今年是我们第一年派红包,哈哈!也祝你,兔年快乐!

    YT, thanks! I like that gelish nails too!

    Barbara, I was in a rush so I chose this simple one... hehe.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family!

    Lee, thank you and I wanna wish you and your wife, a wonderful new year!!

    Alice, thanks and wishing you the same too! =)

  10. You look so fresh and I love your nails.

    Happy CNY to you and your Hubs!

  11. Mummy Gwen, thank you and wishing you A Happy Chinese New Year!!

  12. OMG! Ang pow! I think it's exciting! At least you sound like that! :p


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